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Feb 11

An Interview With David Ragan

David Ragan has been a familiar face in gospel music for several years, as lead singer for the Inspirations, one of the greatest quartets in gospel music history.  Now he has found a new home with one of gospel music’s greatest mixed groups, the Perrys.  With the Perrys, David has had the opportunity to showcase …

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Oct 30

Album Review: Through the Night (Perrys)

One of gospel music’s greatest mixed groups has produced another first-rate collection of new material.  Through the Night is typical Perrys fare in a lot of ways, and serves to further cement the current lineup of Libbi and Tracy Stuffle, Joseph Habedank, and Bryan Walker as one of the genre’s most dynamic. While Bryan Walker …

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Oct 01

The Essential Playlist #4: The Perrys

I’m trying to get the blog back to its regularly scheduled programming, after NQC week and real-world business since.  By special request from one of you out there, let’s examine one of gospel music’s best-loved mixed groups and come up with an essential 80-minute playlist for the Perrys. The Perrys have been singing for a …

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Sep 11

NQC 2012: Anticipation

As of this writing, it’s about 24 hours until I depart for my first National Quartet Convention.  NQC 2012 is already in full swing, and I feel as if I’m arriving late.  But Wednesday night will find me in Freedom Hall, enjoying the greatest music on earth.  Here’s what I’m most looking forward to this …

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Nov 29

Quick Hits 2

Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle) This album is a mixture of new songs (with plenty of great guest vocalists) and re-recordings of Perrys songs featuring Libbi.  I’m not much for solo records, but the various guest vocalists give each new song the sound of a different group, from mixed quartet to bluegrass trio.  I love the …

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Oct 06

Top 100: #64 Changed Forever (Perrys)

Release Year: 2001 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 4 Here’s a blurb: This is the first mainline album released by the Perrys after their configuration change to “three men plus Libbi.”  What a tremendous decision that turned out to be, and this project was immediate proof.  They also returned to something they hadn’t done …

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Sep 22

Top 100: #69 Look No Further (Perrys)

Release Year: 2007 Album Rank for Group: #2 of 4 Here’s a blurb: The Perrys’ only release with Nick Trammell at baritone is a solid and well-balanced 12-song collection.  It has the standard formula of a Perrys album of the last decade or so: a couple of power ballads, a couple of convention songs, a …

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