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Sep 13

NQC 2012: Wednesday Night

What a tiring, but rewarding day it was yesterday!  After a long, full day of driving, we made it into Freedom Hall right as Mike Speck was leading some congregational singing before bringing out the first quartet of the night.  I love the idea of Quartet Night, and I’m so glad we were able to …

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Sep 11

NQC 2012: Anticipation

As of this writing, it’s about 24 hours until I depart for my first National Quartet Convention.  NQC 2012 is already in full swing, and I feel as if I’m arriving late.  But Wednesday night will find me in Freedom Hall, enjoying the greatest music on earth.  Here’s what I’m most looking forward to this …

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Jul 16

The Essential Playlist #1: Gold City

Steve Eaton over at the Back Row does great album rankings for southern gospel’s biggest groups.  Daniel Mount at Southern Gospel Blog tells us the four (or less) essential albums one would use to introduce an artist to a new fan.  I’d like to piggyback on their ideas and put a twist on it.  I will combine …

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Apr 16

Top 100: #2 Signed Sealed Delivered (Gold City)

Release Year: 1999 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 15 Here’s a blurb: My all-time favorite Gold City album has it all: two powerhouse ballads, two or three exhilarating uptempo songs, and everything in between.  As far as my personal tastes go, it is perhaps the deepest recording in my collection.  No less than ten …

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Apr 10

Top 100: #4 What a Great Lifestyle (Gold City)

Release Year: 1997 Album Rank for Group: #2 of 15 Here’s a blurb: What a Great Lifestyle ranks this highly largely on the strength of two of my very favorite songs Gold City has ever recorded.  “God’s Building a Church” is a thrilling brass-driven number with Jay Parrack taking it to the rafters and Tim Riley absolutely …

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Apr 02

Top 100: #6 Within the Rock (Gold City)

Release Year: 1998 Album Rank for Group: #3 of 15 Here’s a blurb: Recorded right in the middle of my favorite recording era by any southern gospel group, Gold City’s Within the Rock has some of my favorite uptempo and mid-tempo songs the quartet has ever recorded.  “Gonna Take It and Leave It” is the quintessential …

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Mar 23

Top 100: #8 Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over (Gold City)

Release Year: 2001 Album Rank for Group: #4 of 15 Here’s a blurb: This is the last album recorded by my favorite Gold City lineup of Tim Riley, Jonathan Wilburn, Mark Trammell, and Jay Parrack.  After five years together making the albums that dominate the top of my countdown, Trammell was the first to leave, …

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