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Songs From Scripture: “With All the Many Miracles” (Greater Vision)

My all-time favorite Greater Vision recording, so far, is Live at First Baptist Atlanta, which contains several of my favorite Rodney Griffin-penned songs.  It’s hard to pick a favorite among them, but if pressed, I’d probably have to choose “With All the Many Miracles”.  It’s not a big power ballad, and it’s not a blazing toe-tapper, …

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Album Review: As We Speak (Greater Vision)

As Greater Vision embarks on their 25th year in gospel music, fans have come to expect a high level of quality in their music.  Time and again, they meet those expectations, and they remain at the pinnacle of gospel music, with no descent in sight.  As We Speak is the latest album from one of …

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Cruise Review: 2015 Gospel Music Celebration Caribbean Cruise

Last week, my wife and I had the privilege and joy to celebrate our anniversary on board IMC Concerts’ and Inspiration Cruises’ 2015 Gospel Music Celebration Caribbean Cruise.  For us, it was our first cruise of any kind, so we were equally excited by the “cruising” aspect of the trip, and the gospel music part. …

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The Best of Lari Goss

The gospel music community was shaken on Saturday by the passing of legendary performer, musician, producer, and visionary Lari Goss.  Goss’s contributions to gospel music go back to the 1960s, when he and his brothers were making some of the most innovative music in the genre.  I am sorry that I haven’t yet become familiar …

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Album Review: Because You Asked (Greater Vision)

The newest recording from Greater Vision is a collection of gospel music classics, designed to give their fans a chance to hear the current vocal configuration sing some of their most requested songs not currently available on CD. Highly dedicated Greater Vision fans will notice that eight of the twelve songs on Because You Asked were also …

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Just for fun… The Confused Quartet

“Preacher, Tell Me Like It Is”: Behind the Song with Rodney Griffin

Even during my first listens to Greater Vision’s most recent recording, For All He’s Done, one song began to stand out among the others.  “Preacher, Tell Me Like It Is” is a fun listen musically, and also contains a forthright lyric pointed right at the preacher man.  Even though it’s sung “to” the preacher, its message …

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