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Jan 28

Cruise Review: 2015 Gospel Music Celebration Caribbean Cruise

Last week, my wife and I had the privilege and joy to celebrate our anniversary on board IMC Concerts’ and Inspiration Cruises’ 2015 Gospel Music Celebration Caribbean Cruise.  For us, it was our first cruise of any kind, so we were equally excited by the “cruising” aspect of the trip, and the gospel music part. …

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Jan 12

The Best of Lari Goss

The gospel music community was shaken on Saturday by the passing of legendary performer, musician, producer, and visionary Lari Goss.  Goss’s contributions to gospel music go back to the 1960s, when he and his brothers were making some of the most innovative music in the genre.  I am sorry that I haven’t yet become familiar …

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Dec 31

2013 in Review: Top Albums

To close out the year in gospel music, it’s time to list my personal favorite recordings of 2013.  If you’ve been following the blog in recent days, the album that takes the #1 spot should be of no surprise.  The Kingdom Heirs’ Redeeming the Time was the only project to which I gave a 5-star rating …

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Dec 23

Top Five Christmas Albums

Nobody loves Christmas music like gospel music fans, and no one sings Christmas music as well as gospel music artists. Down through the years, there have been tremendous contributions to the sounds of the season by the genre’s finest artists. The following are my five personal favorite Christmas recordings. I’d love to hear from you …

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Nov 26

Album Review: Cathedrals Family Reunion

The legacy of the Cathedral Quartet in gospel music is quite immeasurable, and numerous musical tributes have been made to that legacy since they retired in 1999.  The Cathedrals Family Reunion event was the first time that all of the currently touring Cathedrals alumni have officially gotten together to celebrate the music of gospel’s finest …

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Jul 08

Now Featuring…George Younce

We started off the Now Featuring… series with the great Glen Payne, and it only seemed appropriate to follow that up with the other half of gospel music’s greatest pair.  I called Payne the greatest lead singer in gospel music history.  Believe it or not, I think an argument could be made that for 35 years, …

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Apr 18

Now Featuring…Glen Payne

Today’s post will kick off a new series here at Southern Gospel Critique, where we will discuss some of our favorite gospel singers of all time, and the songs that featured them.  It only made sense for the first post to be about a lead singer, and what better lead singer than, in my opinion, …

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