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Dec 31

2013 in Review: Top Albums

To close out the year in gospel music, it’s time to list my personal favorite recordings of 2013.  If you’ve been following the blog in recent days, the album that takes the #1 spot should be of no surprise.  The Kingdom Heirs’ Redeeming the Time was the only project to which I gave a 5-star rating …

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Dec 23

Top Five Christmas Albums

Nobody loves Christmas music like gospel music fans, and no one sings Christmas music as well as gospel music artists. Down through the years, there have been tremendous contributions to the sounds of the season by the genre’s finest artists. The following are my five personal favorite Christmas recordings. I’d love to hear from you …

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Dec 17

2013 in Review: Top Songs

As the year 2013 winds down, it’s once again time to look back at the year in southern gospel music.  As is the case every year, I’ve listened to some songs that had me reaching for the “skip” button, but as always, I enjoyed the vast majority of the music that found its way into …

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Mar 28

Tweet Tweet

Over the weekend I decided to finally set up a Twitter account.  Adam has one set up for the blog itself @SGCritique, but this will be my personal feed.  Follow me @sogobravo and you’ll get updates on new blog postings I write here, as well as general southern gospel musings I’m having.  Don’t worry…I’ve tweeted five …

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Jan 17

Poet Voices is back!!!

With the release of this video, Phil Cross has announced that Poet Voices is back in Southern Gospel Music. It is so good to hear this song again.  It was one of the highlights on the groups’ 1997 project, Trust The Truth, and this new arrangement is fantastic. I can’t wait to hear what this …

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Dec 29

Test Your Southern Gospel Knowledge

Here’s something fun for all southern gospel fans as we head into the new year.  I used the excellent quiz site to create a few quizzes to test fans’ knowledge of our wonderful genre of music.  There are four to see how well you keep up with the ubiquitous personnel turnover down through the …

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Dec 28

2011 in Review: Top Albums

As promised, here are my personal favorite albums released in 2011.  A total of fifty CDs were added to my music collection from this year, and these fifteen found the most time in my car’s CD player.  The top three are the only ones that received five-star reviews from me.  Which albums stood out to …

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