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Album Review: The Light (Barry Rowland & Deliverance)

This is my fourth review of a Barry Rowland & Deliverance recording in five years, and it’s always a recording I look forward to.  With The Light, Barry, his wife Tammy, and Shawn Rupert return with another collection of (mostly) Kyla Rowland compositions showcasing their signature Appalachian gusto. If anyone out there still isn’t familiar with …

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Album Review: Family Affair (Barry Rowland & Deliverance)

Kyla Rowland has impacted five decades of gospel music not only with her renowned songwriting, but through the singing ministry of herself and her family.  Today, the Rowland banner is primarily taken on the road by her son and his group, Barry Rowland & Deliverance.  This trio’s fourth recording for Crossroads, Family Affair, is actually a …

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2013 in Review: Top Albums

To close out the year in gospel music, it’s time to list my personal favorite recordings of 2013.  If you’ve been following the blog in recent days, the album that takes the #1 spot should be of no surprise.  The Kingdom Heirs’ Redeeming the Time was the only project to which I gave a 5-star rating …

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Album Review: He’s Alive (Barry Rowland & Deliverance)

The latest Crossroads release from Barry Rowland & Deliverance is another strong collection of mostly Kyla Rowland songs, sung in a straight-ahead Appalachian style.  Deliverance’s 2012 release, Make Mine the Real Thing, earned a very high rating from me, and was one of my top three albums of the year.  This year’s offering, He’s Alive, …

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Album Review: Make Mine the Real Thing (Barry Rowland & Deliverance)

The name “Rowland” is as significant a name in the past 20-30 years of southern gospel as any other, primarily because of the songs written by Kyla Rowland.  After traveling and singing for many years herself, Kyla’s son Barry now carries the family tradition on the road, along with his wife, Tammy, and Shawn Rupert, …

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Barry Rowland & Deliverance

Fresh videos from newly signed Crossroads artist, Barry Rowland & Deliverance: