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Sep 01

Songs From Scripture: “With All the Many Miracles” (Greater Vision)

My all-time favorite Greater Vision recording, so far, is Live at First Baptist Atlanta, which contains several of my favorite Rodney Griffin-penned songs.  It’s hard to pick a favorite among them, but if pressed, I’d probably have to choose “With All the Many Miracles”.  It’s not a big power ballad, and it’s not a blazing toe-tapper, …

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May 06

Songs From Scripture: He Never Even Looked at the Man (Whisnants)

It’s been far too long, but let’s look at the Scriptural basis for another great gospel song.  I set out to come up with a song from every book of the Bible in order, and I’m at Leviticus.  A gospel song from Leviticus may seem a little unusual on the surface, but the truth is …

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Aug 04

Songs From Scripture #9: “I’m Living in Canaan Now”

One of the oldest and most often-used lyrical motifs in gospel music is death, symbolized by the crossing of the Jordan River, and Heaven, symbolized by Canaan.  It is not my intention to cast aspersions at songs or songwriters who use this motif, because I certainly think there are some spiritual applications we can draw from it. …

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Jun 24

Songs From Scripture #8: “It’s the Blood”

For the next entry in our Songs From Scriptures series, we return to the deep well that is the pen of Dianne Wilkinson.  And deep we must go to find “It’s the Blood,” a relatively obscure cut from the Mark Trammell Trio’s 2005 project This Time.  The song is a flawless expository message on salvation …

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Oct 22

Songs From Scripture #7: “God Saw a Cross”

“God Saw a Cross” was a number one hit for the Kingsmen three years ago this month, off of their 2009 album Missing People.  Written by Rodney Griffin, it is in my opinion one of the most lyrically powerful songs in the catalog of this legendary quartet.  You can’t have a powerful gospel lyric without …

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Jul 09

Songs From Scripture #6: Put That on My Account (Ruppes)

The Ruppes, whose recording career spanned three decades, were a trio consisting of mother Brenda and sundry combinations of daughters Heather, Kim, and Valerie.  They were never one of the very top-tier groups in a quartet-dominated industry, but they achieved greatest notoriety in the mid-90s with hits like “Under His Wings” and “Angels in the …

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May 01

Songs From Scripture #5: “We Still Have to Pray” (Greater Vision)

After being consumed by my Top 100 countdown for quite a while, it’s time we got back to some other series on the ol’ blog.  Let’s look at scriptural basis for another song written by Rodney Griffin. When listening  to Greater Vision’s latest major recording last year, the ballad “We Still Have to Pray” jumped …

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