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Dec 29

2014 Year in Review: Top Songs

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on what has happened in the previous year, and anticipate what is to come in the next.  It’s always fun to do that here at Southern Gospel Critique and remember all the great music that has been created for our enjoyment and edification.  Today, I present …

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Jun 24

Songs From Scripture #8: “It’s the Blood”

For the next entry in our Songs From Scriptures series, we return to the deep well that is the pen of Dianne Wilkinson.  And deep we must go to find “It’s the Blood,” a relatively obscure cut from the Mark Trammell Trio’s 2005 project This Time.  The song is a flawless expository message on salvation …

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Jan 16

The Playlist #12: Justification

In the past for posts like this, I’ve presented a relatively broad topic, and posted a full 80-minute playlist of gospel songs dealing with that topic.  I’m going to change things up a little bit here and go after a specific Biblical doctrine, and go more in depth on a few songs that deal with …

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Dec 18

“I’ll Know I’m Home”: Behind the Song with Jeff Crews and Dianne Wilkinson

The first time I listened to the Kingdom Heirs’ Redeeming the Time project in May, I was blown away by how many great, utempo quartet songs it contained.  But as I continued to listen to it (repeatedly), one song began to stand out over the others, and it wasn’t one of the convention numbers.  It is …

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Dec 17

2013 in Review: Top Songs

As the year 2013 winds down, it’s once again time to look back at the year in southern gospel music.  As is the case every year, I’ve listened to some songs that had me reaching for the “skip” button, but as always, I enjoyed the vast majority of the music that found its way into …

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Sep 19

NQC 2012: Thursday and Friday Showcases

I covered my highlights of the evening concerts from last week, but some of the best music I heard was during the day at various showcases.  Here are some of the highlights of things I saw in the mornings and afternoons!   Gaither Vocal Band Reunion – Thursday Afternoon It was a treat to see …

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Sep 14

NQC 2012: Thursday Night

I’m having to do this quickly, since I’m between morning chapel and the Gaither showcase.  Last night went long, and it was a very tiring, but rewarding day.   While there were big moments, the energy in the crowd wasn’t quite as consistent as it was Wednesday night.  This time around I had seats in …

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