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Dec 18

“I’ll Know I’m Home”: Behind the Song with Jeff Crews and Dianne Wilkinson

The first time I listened to the Kingdom Heirs’ Redeeming the Time project in May, I was blown away by how many great, utempo quartet songs it contained.  But as I continued to listen to it (repeatedly), one song began to stand out over the others, and it wasn’t one of the convention numbers.  It is …

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Jul 24

Songwriter Series #6: Rodney Griffin

Rodney Griffin is the people’s choice as the best songwriter in southern gospel music today, and in the last decade and a half.  And for good reason.  With thirteen Singing News #1 hits, and many more high on the charts, he is one of the genre’s most prolific hitmakers.  Even more than the hits, however, …

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Jul 23

Songwriter Series #5: Bill Gaither

Should the Lord tarry His coming for another 100 years, our great-grandchildren may look back on the era of gospel music in which we live, and they will probably consider Bill Gaither to be the era’s most influential figure.  Through his “bright idea” for the Homecoming series, he helped spark interest in gospel music for …

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May 21

Songwriter Series #4: Kyla Rowland

In this songwriter series, we’ve covered two, Squire Parsons and Dianne Wilkinson, who would be on my personal “Mount Rushmore” of gospel songwriters.  There is no doubt that a third would be Kyla Rowland.  She has been a major source of great songs for southern gospel’s top groups for over 30 years now.  Many of …

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May 09

Songwriter Series #3: Dianne Wilkinson

There are a select group of about four or five southern gospel songwriters who are a cut above the rest for me personally.  If you pressed me to give you a single favorite, however, my answer would have to be Dianne Wilkinson.  I have yet to meet this remarkable lady, but from listening to her …

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May 03

Songwriter Series #2: Vep Ellis

Vesphew Benton “Vep” Ellis was a Church of God preacher who just happened to be one of the most prolific gospel songwriters of the middle of the 20th century.  He was one of the most significant figures of the golden era of the gospel singing conventions.  During his time as music director of the Tennessee …

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Apr 15

The Songwriter Series #1: Squire Parsons

This series will highlight some of my favorite songwriters in southern gospel, both past and present. All the information will be comprised of data from my personal music collection only.  I’d love to hear from you readers in this series, telling us about some of your favorite songs written by these songwriting greats. Unique songs …

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