The Songwriter Series #1: Squire Parsons

This series will highlight some of my favorite songwriters in southern gospel, both past and present. All the information will be comprised of data from my personal music collection only.  I’d love to hear from you readers in this series, telling us about some of your favorite songs written by these songwriting greats.

Unique songs in collection: 70

Total songs (including duplicate versions): 109

Most common artists:

  • Gold City – 33
  • Kingsmen – 29
  • Kingdom Heirs – 23

Songs recorded by 3+ artists (# of versions):

  • “Sweet Beulah Land” (6)
  • “I Go to the Rock” (5)
  • “Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet” (4)

Oldest recording: “Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet”, Kingsmen, Big & Live, 1973

Newest recording: “It’s Real”, Kingdom Heirs, We Will Stand Our Ground, 2011

Personal Favorites:

  1. “I’m Not Giving Up”, Gold City, Standing in the Gap, 1995
  2. “He Did Not Fail”, Kingdom Heirs, Anchored, 1997
  3. “A Little Down Payment”, Gold City, What a Great Lifestyle, 1997
  4. “Now I Am on My Way to Heaven”, Kingdom Heirs, Gonna Keep Telling, 2002
  5. “He’s Still Living”, Kingsmen, Mississippi Live, 1987
  6. “He Came to Me”, Kingdom Heirs, Series 1, 2005
  7. “A Good Old Gospel Song”, Gold City, What a Great Lifestyle, 1997
  8. “Ever Since That Wonderful Day”, Gold City, Renewed, 1994
  9. “Jesus Will Lead Me”, Gold City, Portrait, 1988
  10. “More Than I Ever Asked For”, Kingdom Heirs, The Journey Home, 1999

Interesting fact: I don’t know if he’s done any of it, but I don’t have a single song that Squire Parsons co-wrote, to my knowledge. He flies solo.

I haven’t even mentioned such classics as “I Sing Because”, “I Call It Home”, “Hello Mama”, and “Greatest of All Miracles”.  What are some of your favorite Squire Parsons songs?