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NQC 2012: Thursday and Friday Showcases

I covered my highlights of the evening concerts from last week, but some of the best music I heard was during the day at various showcases.  Here are some of the highlights of things I saw in the mornings and afternoons!   Gaither Vocal Band Reunion – Thursday Afternoon It was a treat to see …

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Top 100: #83 Joy in the Camp (Gaither Homecoming Friends)

Release Year: 1997 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 2 Here’s a blurb: Great song selection and some classic, touching moments make this my favorite Gaither Homecoming project.  Like most of the early homecomings, there is a lot of singing by the choir, which is always my favorite.  There are moments to make you laugh, …

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Top 100: #100 Church in the Wildwood (Gaither Homecoming Friends)

Release Year: 2005 Group Rank: #2 of 2 Here’s a blurb: One of the last homecoming tapings before the passing of George Younce, Jake Hess, and Howard and Vestal Goodman, Gaither’s choir of powerhouse voices rings out old-fashioned hymns and spirituals in a rustic chapel setting.  My favorite Gaither Homecoming songs are almost always when …

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