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Apr 24

Top 100 Breakdown: By Producer

We are all familiar with the voices who sing our favorite songs and record our favorite albums.  But often, we don’t think about the ones who are behind the scenes, creating the sound we love.  In this final post on my Top 100 countdown, I’ll show you the breakdown based on these “men behind the …

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Apr 23

Top 100 Breakdown: By Individual

Every single album in my Top 100 was recorded by a group of at least three vocalists.  (Greater Vision and the Mark Trammell Trio were the only ones with less than four.)  We’ve already looked at the list broken down by group, but today I wanted to share how the list broke down by the …

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Apr 20

Top 100 Breakdown: By Year

Here’s how my Top 100 albums broke down by release year.  You can see that certain groups and lineups dominated a period of time for me.  I’m looking forward to Steve Eaton’s series over on the Back Row listing his favorites for each year.  Here you can find my short list for every year that had …

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Apr 19

Top 100 Breakdown: By Group

Just for reference and in case you’re interested, here’s how my Top 100 broke down by the groups who recorded the albums.  So if you ever want to know how I would rank my favorite groups’ albums, remember this post!   Gold City #2 Signed Sealed Delivered, 1999 #4 What a Great Lifestyle, 1997 #6 …

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Apr 18

Top 100: #1 Symphony of Praise (Cathedrals)

Release Year: 1987 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 13 Here’s a blurb: Could it be any other?  The suspense has been killing you, right?  I doubt it’s any sort of surprise to you that Symphony of Praise is my favorite album of all time.  I’ve said so on numerous occasions in various places online.  It’s …

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Apr 16

Top 100: #2 Signed Sealed Delivered (Gold City)

Release Year: 1999 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 15 Here’s a blurb: My all-time favorite Gold City album has it all: two powerhouse ballads, two or three exhilarating uptempo songs, and everything in between.  As far as my personal tastes go, it is perhaps the deepest recording in my collection.  No less than ten …

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Apr 12

Top 100: #3 Travelin’ Live (Cathedrals)

Release Year: 1986 Album Rank for Group: #2 of 13 Here’s a blurb: I never saw the Cathedrals live (I didn’t even really know who they were until well after they had retired), so live albums and videos are the only ways that I can know in a small way what it was like to …

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