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‘Happy Rhythm’ from The Ball Brothers featuring new bass vocalist, Jon Epley

I am looking forward to hearing all of the new project from the Ball Brothers. This clip from the recent tour in Ireland gives us a small taste of good things to come. These guys have a great sound! Be happy today! Here's a clip from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Featuring our newest member Jon Epley …

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The Inspirations – First Look At New Vocal Lineup

Here’s an extended video of the new lineup for the Inspirations Quartet.  The Inspirations welcome Harold Reed as their new tenor and Joe Brown singing Bass.  They join Melton Campbell and Matt Dibler, their baritone and lead singer respectively.

“I’m Praying For You” – concept video from the Troy Burns Family

Take a few moments and watch this video from Inspirations’ alumni, Troy Burns, and his precious family.  What a message!

Really Southern Gospel Music (featuring Quarteto Gileade)

These guys are good….thankful for my four years of Spanish in college now 😉 disfrutar de la música ;

Just for fun… The Confused Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet – Put It Right There

This group has gelled their sound nicely and this song is an excellent sample of their new album. Thomas Nalley (Tenor) is featured and does a great job on this song!


Watch this and you’ll understand why I say Wow!