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Feb 19

The Essential Playlist #6: Kingdom Heirs

The Kingdom Heirs have been around for over 30 years, but began to become major players in southern gospel in 1986, when they became the full-time resident quartet at Dollywood, and signed with Sonlite.  With an outstanding early-90s lineup of Rick Strickland, Clayton Inman, Steve French, and Bob Caldwell, they gained even more popularity.  Arthur …

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Nov 29

The Essential Playlist #5: Mark Trammell Quartet

With the news this week that the Mark Trammell Quartet’s hit “I Want to Know” is the Singing News’ most-played song of the year, I thought it would be as good a time as any to come up with an essential playlist for the group. Everything about the Mark Trammell Quartet points to progress.  As …

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Oct 01

The Essential Playlist #4: The Perrys

I’m trying to get the blog back to its regularly scheduled programming, after NQC week and real-world business since.  By special request from one of you out there, let’s examine one of gospel music’s best-loved mixed groups and come up with an essential 80-minute playlist for the Perrys. The Perrys have been singing for a …

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Aug 23

The Essential Playlist #3: Greater Vision

If you were trying to introduce someone to southern gospel music, it wouldn’t take long for you to let them know about Greater Vision.  I believe they are the greatest trio in the history of this genre, and for over twenty years have been one of the most consistent hit-makers in gospel music.  Making an …

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Jul 30

The Essential Playlist #2: Cathedrals

When building these Essential Playlists (an 80-minute limit of songs to introduce someone to a group), there was not a more difficult task than coming up with a playlist for the Cathedral Quartet.  With 35 years of legendary music to choose from, I did a lot of adding, deleting, and shuffling to come up with …

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Jul 16

The Essential Playlist #1: Gold City

Steve Eaton over at the Back Row does great album rankings for southern gospel’s biggest groups.  Daniel Mount at Southern Gospel Blog tells us the four (or less) essential albums one would use to introduce an artist to a new fan.  I’d like to piggyback on their ideas and put a twist on it.  I will combine …

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