Nov 29

The Essential Playlist #5: Mark Trammell Quartet

With the news this week that the Mark Trammell Quartet’s hit “I Want to Know” is the Singing News’ most-played song of the year, I thought it would be as good a time as any to come up with an essential playlist for the group.

Everything about the Mark Trammell Quartet points to progress.  As the Mark Trammell Trio, every recording seemed to build upon the one before, eventually culminating in the stellar Once Upon a Cross and Always Have a Song projects.  Becoming a quartet in early 2010 boosted their potential and popularity.  The powerhouse “Loving the Lamb” just missed the #1 spot on the charts and was their biggest hit until they finally broke through to #1 with “I Want to Know”.  They absolutely brought the house down at every opportunity at NQC this year, and have just released a majestic and powerful album with Lifetime.

So, in some ways, it might be inappropriate at this juncture to establish an essential playlist of music, since the best is on the horizon.  But at the same time, now is a perfect opportunity to introduce someone to what the Mark Trammell Quartet are about.  If you were to do so, what would your playlist look like?

Here’s my essential playlist for the Mark Trammell Quartet (and Trio).  As always, I limit these to 80 minutes (what would fit on a CD)


  1. It’s Jesus, Something Good, 2003
  2. The Lamb, Something Good, 2003
  3. Stand and Praise the Lord, Beside Still Waters, 2004
  4. When I Stand in the Presence, Beside Still Waters, 2004
  5. This Time, This Time, 2005
  6. When Mercy Came Down, This Time, 2005
  7. Hallelujah, I’m Going Home, Journey Thus Far, 2006
  8. Even Thomas Couldn’t Doubt It, Once Upon a Cross, 2007
  9. Once Upon a Cross, Once Upon a Cross, 2007
  10. Weary at the Well, Once Upon a Cross, 2007
  11. Loving the Lamb, Always Have a Song, 2008
  12. Safe on the Glory Side, Always Have a Song, 2008
  13. Coming Out and Moving In, Always Have a Song, 2008
  14. How Big Is God, Vintage Gospel, 2010
  15. It’s Almost Over, Testimony, 2010
  16. Testimony, Testimony, 2010
  17. I Want to Know, Testimony, 2010
  18. Gentle Shepherd, Treasures, 2011
  19. Wedding Music, Treasures, 2011
  20. Way Past Ready, Lifetime, 2012
  21. Everybody’s Gonna Have a Wonderful Time Up There, Lifetime, 2012
  22. Too Much to Gain to Lose, Lifetime, 2012

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  1. Daniel J. Mount

    Glad you’re one of the other ones who understands how incredible of a song “When Mercy Came Down” is. 🙂

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