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The Inspirations – It’s In The Savior’s Hands

Needed to hear this song today….hope it brightens your day too!

Prayers requested for Tracy Stuffle of The Perrys (Updated 10:30 AM 1/23/13)

In a shocking post from Ms. Libby about 5 hours ago, we learned that Tracy Stuffle had a stroke which resulted in a car accident: Update on my precious Sweet Tracy. He has had a stroke. It’s not from a clot but from bleeding. He has no movement on the right side. His speech you …

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Album Review: Greater Vision – Our Most Requested Songs – Live

The one word from the CD cover that should catch your eye is “Live!” Far too few live projects are being recorded anymore. Thankfully there is occasionally one released to give those of us who long for live recordings something to keep us going .  Greater Vision has really never sounded better than they do …

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Joint Review: Canton Junction

After rave reviews of “At the Cross” performed by Matthew Hagee, Aaron Crabb and Michael Sykes, the guys knew they needed to make something of this “instant blend.” News came that Tim Duncan was available. Initially, the men performed for what they thought would be a one time event. But when the four of them …

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“I’m Gonna Move” – The Bishops

Love this old Kenny Bishop song.  Gold City made it popular, but the Bishops sing it with a little more punch. (I miss them….just not the mullets! 🙂 )

A glimpse of the ‘new’ Kingsmen

Sounds good to me…

Gold City – “It Won’t Be Long”

The new lineup of Gold City is really sounding good.  Danny Riley remains one of the most underrated singers in SG music and really shines on this song from their new project.  Thoughts?