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Roger’s Funeral

The home-going service for Roger Bennett was excellent.? At times, it was very difficult to hold back the tears.? I can’t imagine being on stage and trying to sing for the loss of a best friend.? My hat is off to Legacy Five and especially to Scott Fowler. You could tell at times the song …

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Funeral Service for Roger Bennett via webcast

In a newsletter from L5 this morning, we learned that the funeral service for Roger would indeed be broadcast via the internet.? Here is the newsletter: We just got word from the staff at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN, that they are able to provide a live video stream of the funeral services for …

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Kingdom Heirs :: Off The Record

While this recording is comprised of classic Statesmen songs, The Kingdom Heirs have brought new life to these songs of days gone by. While some will relive the past with this new recording, some people will be hearing these selections for the first time. This is a fine tribute to those that paved the way …

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Kingdom Heirs :: Concert in Asheville, NC (3/11/07)

I would personally like to say “Thank You” to Associate Pastor Scott Shields and the church staff for a wonderful evening with the Kingdom Heirs at the North Asheville Baptist Church. For more information about this wonderful church, here is a link to their website: Please pray for this church as they are getting …

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My Tribute to Roger Bennett

To be honest, I had all intentions of making my first blog post (with the exception of the welcome post) about my favorite quartet of all time, The Kingdom Heirs.? But due to the passing of one of the most beloved piano players in the history of Southern Gospel music last Saturday, I feel that …

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Hello world!

Welcome to Southern Gospel Critique!!! I never imagined that I would have the desire to start my own blog, but the enjoyment that I have had writing Album & Concert reviews helped confirm that I need to start my own site.? While the majority of my discussion will probably be about Southern Gospel Albums, Groups, …

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