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Nov 11

Album Review: Miles Pike – Candid

I’ll be honest with you….over the past couple of years or so I’ve became disenchanted with Southern Gospel music as a whole.  Not sure the exact reason of this, perhaps it’s just a season of life to go through.  During this time I’ve been on a hiatus from listening to anything other than some old …

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Oct 20

Album Review: Devoted (Mylon Hayes Family)

The Mylon Hayes Family have been singing for several years, but seem to be on an upward trajectory of late.  The family consists of Mylon, a veteran on the gospel music scene with the classic Hayes Family, wife Wendy, twin sons Conner and Bailey (17) and daughter Kennedy (13).  They certainly caught my eye (and …

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Oct 29

Album Review: Battle Cry (Kingsmen)

Let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat: Battle Cry is the best recording the Kingsmen Quartet have released in at least 12 years.  The current vocal lineup of Chris Jenkins (tenor), Bob Sellers (lead), Randy Crawford (baritone), and Hall-of-Famer Ray Dean Reese (bass) have been at it for two and …

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Jan 30

Album Review: Your Walk Talks (Mark Trammell Quartet)

The Mark Trammell Quartet helps kick off the year 2014 in gospel music with their brand-new release, Your Walk Talks.  Anticipation has been high for this recording for several reasons.  It is the debut recording for the quartet featuring fresh face Dustin Black at tenor.  It is also the group’s first recording of mainly new …

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Dec 11

Double Album Review: Redeeming the Time (Kingdom Heirs) / These Truths (Old Paths)

Redeeming the Time is the Kingdom Heirs’ second mainline recording of new songs with their current vocal lineup, which is one of the finest in gospel music.  Through the years, Dollywood’s resident gospel group has stayed true to their “neo-traditional” quartet style to great success, especially on radio, where they have churned out hit after …

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Sep 05

Album Review: Greater Vision – Our Most Requested Songs – Live

The one word from the CD cover that should catch your eye is “Live!” Far too few live projects are being recorded anymore. Thankfully there is occasionally one released to give those of us who long for live recordings something to keep us going .  Greater Vision has really never sounded better than they do …

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Sep 04

Album Review: Lifetime (Mark Trammell Quartet)

Since their last recording, the Mark Trammell Quartet has had changes at tenor (Eric Phillips re-joining to replace Joel Wood) and recently, at lead (Nick Trammell replacing mainstay Dustin Sweatman).  It was about time for one of gospel music’s best-sounding quartets to come through with a big recording, and with Lifetime, they have surely done that. …

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