May 13

Triumphant Quartet – Because He Loved Me

I love songs that present the Gospel of Christ in detail and in ‘Because He Loved Me’, the story of our Savior’s death, burial and resurrection is told.  I remember The Primitive Quartet singing this from back in the early 80’s and it’s so good to hear the song brought back for today’s audiences.  Triumphant never disappoints with their singing and this is simply great, smooth quartet singing.  (As always, Ms. Diana never disappoints with her videos either!)


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  1. Brian Crout

    Great song! Been looking forward to hearing this since I saw it was on the list for their new CD. (I assumed it was the Primitives song.)

  2. Adam Edwards

    I was hoping is was the same song…I love the arrangement Triumphant did with Eric singing the lead vocals in the 2nd verse.

  3. Diana

    Thanks, Adam and Brian! I haven’t heard the Primitive’s arrangement but I sure do love Triumphant’s!

    1. Brian Crout

      Well, if you know anything about Primitives music, you know that there ain’t much arrangin’ going on! They just sing it straight! Triumphant really doesn’t do too much to it…also pretty straight.

  4. Steve Crout

    Thanks, Adam, for sharing. I sure do enjoy pure gospel quartet singing; and this is that! Nothing fancy and spectacular: just the gospel in song. Good piano too.

  5. T J Thompson

    Triumphant does a great job on this song, and I love the fact they featured Eric on it. But, I still love the slower
    cut the Greenes did with it back in the 90s, with Tony, Tim & Amy.

  6. David

    I’m Haitian American and I love Southern Gospel and this song and I just translated it into Haitian Creole so my grandma can sing it 🙂

  7. Debra Willis

    I need the sheet music for Because He Loved Me. I love the song. How can I get it. I enjoyed your singing very much.

    Thank You,
    Debra Willis
    P.O. Box 92
    Hohenwald, Tn. 38462

  8. Lawrence Hoyle

    I sing in a quartet and would love to know where I can purchase the version that the Triumphant Quartet sings.

  9. Betty

    Is there a soundtrack for Because He Loves Me??

  10. Keith Hufsey

    I love this song but I cannot find the sheet music. Anyone know where I can find this?

  11. anonymous

    They stole the music from another artist and changed some of the words. Typical practice for SG Music when there is an unknown artist who rights a good song.

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