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Quartet Madness: Favorite Basses, Round 1

Click here to take survey We wrap up the first round of our tournament with the Bass Bracket. As always, just vote for your favorites in each matchup. Will there be another big upset, or will the legends get through? You will decide. Here are the matchups: George Younce vs. Gerald Williams Armond Morales vs. …

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Quartet Madness: Baritone Round 1 Results

The Baritone Bracket didn’t generate a whole lot of “controversy” in the first round compared to others, but it did produce the closest match yet. There were 66 ballots cast, and #66 broke a tie. Here are the results: Mark Trammell dominated Parker Jonathan, 58-7. In one of the more intriguing matchups, Doug Anderson narrowly …

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Quartet Madness: Favorite Baritones, Round 1

Click here to take survey It’s time to start working on the lower end of our championship quartet. They’re usually not the ones out front, but they are the glue that holds the quartet together. So, who’s your favorite glue guy? Here are the first round matchups. Click above to cast your vote! Mark Trammell …

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Quartet Madness: Lead Round 1 Results

There were three close matches in the first round of the lead bracket, and a couple of upsets. 77 total ballots were submitted. Glen Payne was almost a unanimous choice, winning 76-1 over Les Beasley. This contest has leaned heavily toward the modern, but not in this one. Jim Hamill easily beat Clayton Inman 52-23. …

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Quartet Madness: Favorite Leads, Round 1

Click here to take survey Next in line for voting is the first round of the Lead Bracket. If you thought the Tenor Bracket was tough, wait ’til you see how loaded this one is! Click above to vote in each of the eight first round matchups. They are: Glen Payne vs. Les Beasley Clayton …

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Quartet Madness: Tenor First Round Results

Voting is closed in the first round of the Tenor Bracket, and the results are in! There were 82 total ballots cast, which easily exceeded the number I was expecting. Thanks for the great participation, and I hope you continue to do so at the same pace. Without further ado, here are the first round …

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Quartet Madness: Favorite Tenors, Round 1

Click here to take survey We’ll kick off this bracket with, as Tim Riley used to say, the ladies’ part. Click above to view the 8 first-round matchups and vote for your favorites. I tried to include some background information on each singer to help, but by no means are you supposed to vote for …

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