Mar 08

Quartet Madness: Baritone Round 1 Results

The Baritone Bracket didn’t generate a whole lot of “controversy” in the first round compared to others, but it did produce the closest match yet. There were 66 ballots cast, and #66 broke a tie. Here are the results:

Mark Trammell dominated Parker Jonathan, 58-7.
In one of the more intriguing matchups, Doug Anderson narrowly defeated Glen Allred, 35-31.
The youth movement is still in full effect, with Scott Inman routing Eldridge Fox, 45-20.
Mark Lowry is still very popular, and that was on display as he beat Cecil Blackwood 48-18.
Mike LeFevre and Jim Brady were close all the way, but Brady finished on top, 35-31.
Rodney Griffin led all the way despite a nice challenge from Daniel Riley, winning 38-27.
The venerable Ed Hill easily dispatched Steve French, 39-26.
On the very last ballot cast, Legacy Five’s Scott Howard pulled ahead of the great Doy Ott, 33-32.

Former Statesmen Quartet members, four of them Hall-of-Famers, are now 0-5 in this competition, including the stunning upsets of Jake Hess and Doy Ott. Two more former Statesmen will have a shot tomorrow in the Bass Bracket. Greater Vision is a perfect 4-0 going into the second round (for some reason they didn’t have a bass make the tournament).

Here are the matchups you will see next week in the second round of the Baritone Bracket:

Mark Trammell vs. Doug Anderson
Scott Inman vs. Mark Lowry
Jim Brady vs. Rodney Griffin
Ed Hill vs. Scott Howard