The Playlist #4: Heaven

Christians love to sing about heaven, and for good reason.  Heaven is the location of God’s throne, our eternal home, and the great reward of those who believe on Jesus Christ.  And you know so many things about heaven lend themselves to being in song lyrics: the beauty, the splendor, the joy.  Here’s a playlist I made of some of my favorite songs about heaven.  As always, this is a real playlist I generated with a random order and put on a CD for listening in my car.


  1. Heaven, Gold City, Pressed Down Shaken Together Running Over
  2. Mansion Over the Hilltop, Cathedrals, Radio Days
  3. When Heaven’s Gates Swing Open Wide, Kingdom Heirs, We Will Stand Our Ground
  4. Land of Living, Greater Vision, 20 Inspirational Favorites
  5. Over in the Gloryland, Gold City, Having Fun
  6. Touring That City, Inspirations, The Inspirations Sing About Touring the City
  7. Sweet Beulah Land, Squire Parsons, Sweet Beulah Land
  8. Sometimes I Wonder, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Here We Are Again
  9. Hello After Goodbye, Legacy Five, God’s Been Good
  10. Destination Known, Legacy Five, A Wonderful Life
  11. Won’t It Be Wonderful There, Mark Trammell Trio, Once Upon a Cross
  12. Not Made With Hands, Gold City, Windows of Home
  13. Heaven Can You Imagine, Rochesters, Thoughts of Heaven
  14. Heaven Is My Goal, Kingdom Heirs, We Will Stand Our Ground
  15. Homeland, Greater Vision, 20 Inspirational Favorites
  16. Oh What a Day, Gold City, Portrait
  17. Up Above, Talleys, Love Won
  18. Sing Shout Dance, Kingdom Heirs, Give Me the Mountain
  19. That’s the Place I’m Longing to Go, Collingsworth Family, Part of the Family
  20. Home, Gaither Vocal Band, Testify
  21. That’s Why I Call It Home, Inspirations, On the Sunrise Side
  22. Beyond the Sunset, Cathedrals, 25th Anniversary
  23. Thinking of a Mansion, Perrys, Hits & Hymns Volume 1
  24. Heaven’s Bright Shore, Inspirations, On Heaven’s Bright Shore


Which of these songs also speak to you?  What are some of your favorite heaven songs?


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    • quartet-man on July 11, 2012 at 7:26 am
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    A couple of ones that came quickly to mind that are lacking are:
    “I Could Sing About Heaven” – Paid In Full
    “Heaven” – Oak Ridge Boys

    1. Is the ORB “Heaven” the “so much talk about heaven” one?

        • quartet-man on July 11, 2012 at 6:15 pm
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        Yeah, “Heaven, heaven, so much talk about Heaven, X3 one of these days I’m going, going there!”

  1. When our local quartet started in 1994, we learned a few standard well-known songs as groups typically do.

    After we’d rehearsed enough to actually go out and do a program, we realized almost all of the songs we picked were either about heaven or going to heaven.

    – – – – –
    The Oaks song I like for this theme is titled “Heavenbound.” “Now I know just where I’m going…”

    • Saran Chumley on July 11, 2012 at 12:03 pm
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    That sounds like home to me- Gaithet Vocal Band, “greatly blessed”
    We shall behold Him- Sandi Patty
    We shall see Jesus- Cathedrals
    Thinking about home- Talleys
    Look for me- tonya goodman Sykes
    Look for me at Jesus feet- booth brothers

    • Melissa on July 11, 2012 at 1:58 pm
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    Ronnie Booth covered a soft-jazz-styled Melissa Brady-penned song called “Heaven” on his self-titled CD. It’s a very pretty song.

  2. Singing Americans – “Welcome, to Heaven”
    Hayes Family – “Almost Home”

    Just to name a couple.

  3. I love “Sweet Beulah Land” and the new song “Sometimes I Wonder” from your list. I made a whole playlist of Heaven songs myself once. I think my very tippy-top, absolute favorite would have to be “Go Rest High On the Mountain.” Lots of good country songs. “When I Get Where I’m Going” is another good one. Some others I love:

    I Want to See Jesus–Cathedrals
    Hard Trials–Cathedrals
    Just Beyond the River Jordan–Booth Brothers
    I Will Find You Again–Perrys
    Wake Up Dancin’–Gordon Mote
    First Morning in Heaven–the Imperials (not to be confused with “First Day in Heaven”)
    Walk All Over God’s Heaven–black spiritual
    Eternity’s About to Begin–Greater Vision
    I Can’t Wait For Heaven–Signature Sound

  4. Oh, and of course “Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet.” Duh.

    • Bobby Owen on May 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm
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    I’m looking a song I heard the Liberty Boys Quartet sing don’t know proper name but here’s some lyrics maybe someone can help there’s only one way to heaven thats the graceway

    1. The Kingdom Heirs also sang this song titled “The Grace Way”….can’t find the one by The Liberty Boys, but the Kingdom Heirs’ version is Here:

    2. Great Dianne Wilkinson song!

    3. We had that version of ” The Grace Way” made special for us. It was on our CD “Looking Up”. (I was an original member of the Liberty Boys Quartet)

  5. I’ve always liked the Steve Hurst song “Heaven Can’t Be Far Away” that I first heard on Greater Vision’s 1993 project _The King Came Down_. They re-cut it on 2011’s _The Only Way_. The Mark Trammell Trio also recorded it when Steve was traveling with them on 2007’s _Once Upon A Cross_.

    Count me as another vote for Phil Cross’ “Welcome To Heaven”, which was first made popular by the Singing Americans on their classic album _Black And White_.

    • eddie on December 20, 2014 at 7:57 pm
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    “If you only knew” by Dr. Craig Edwards

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