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Album Review: Greater Vision – Our Most Requested Songs – Live

The one word from the CD cover that should catch your eye is “Live!” Far too few live projects are being recorded anymore. Thankfully there is occasionally one released to give those of us who long for live recordings something to keep us going .  Greater Vision has really never sounded better than they do …

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Songs From Scripture #5: “We Still Have to Pray” (Greater Vision)

After being consumed by my Top 100 countdown for quite a while, it’s time we got back to some other series on the ol’ blog.  Let’s look at scriptural basis for another song written by Rodney Griffin. When listening  to Greater Vision’s latest major recording last year, the ballad “We Still Have to Pray” jumped …

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Songs From Scripture #4: “He Washed My Feet” (Greater Vision)

One of Greater Vision’s most popular recordings, Far Beyond This Place, kicks off with arguably their signature song, “My Name Is Lazarus.”  Largely overlooked is the next track, “He Washed My Feet.”  Like the project opener, it is a Rodney Griffin composition with roots in an event recorded in the Gospels.  Quite unlike the former, …

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