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Feb 19

The Essential Playlist #6: Kingdom Heirs

The Kingdom Heirs have been around for over 30 years, but began to become major players in southern gospel in 1986, when they became the full-time resident quartet at Dollywood, and signed with Sonlite.  With an outstanding early-90s lineup of Rick Strickland, Clayton Inman, Steve French, and Bob Caldwell, they gained even more popularity.  Arthur …

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Sep 13

NQC 2012: Wednesday Night

What a tiring, but rewarding day it was yesterday!  After a long, full day of driving, we made it into Freedom Hall right as Mike Speck was leading some congregational singing before bringing out the first quartet of the night.  I love the idea of Quartet Night, and I’m so glad we were able to …

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Jan 09

Top 100: #24 We Will Stand Our Ground (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2011 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 10 Here’s a blurb: My favorite album of 2011 kept climbing up this list the more I listened to it.  The Kingdom Heirs did nothing groundbreaking here, besides hiring one of the best tenors in gospel music.  I don’t know if any of the songs will …

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Dec 22

Top 100: #26 True to the Call (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2007 Album Rank for Group: #2 of 10 Here’s a blurb: True to the Call contains my all-time favorite Kingdom Heirs song, “What We Needed,” which is furthermore one of my top southern gospel songs of the last decade.  That song goes a long way in pushing this album up my list of …

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Dec 19

Top 100: #28 Forever Changed (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2004 Album Rank for Group: #3 of 10 Here’s a blurb: I have a clear top three in Kingdom Heirs albums, but it’s difficult to rank among those three.  Forever Changed  has three of my top ten all-time favorite Kingdom Heirs songs, but doesn’t quite maintain that standard throughout the recording.  The Hosterman …

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Dec 06

Top 100: #34 Going on With the Song (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2003 Album Rank for Group: #4 of 10 Here’s a blurb: The first major album released after the Kingdom Heirs’ long-time tenor, bass, and pianist departed, the appropriately-titled Going on With the Song was a clear message that the best was yet to come for the quartet.  The Heirs made one of the …

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Nov 17

Top 100: #40 When You Look at Me (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2009 Album Rank for Group: #5 of 10 Here’s a blurb: The Kingdom Heirs’ 2009 release is difficult for me to rank because it doesn’t have the balance that many of these top albums have.  There are some songs on When You Look at Me that I love, including one of my all-time …

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