Top 100: #24 We Will Stand Our Ground (Kingdom Heirs)

Release Year: 2011

Album Rank for Group: #1 of 10

Here’s a blurb: My favorite album of 2011 kept climbing up this list the more I listened to it.  The Kingdom Heirs did nothing groundbreaking here, besides hiring one of the best tenors in gospel music.  I don’t know if any of the songs will go on to be all-time greats (although the title track could be one of the quartet’s signature songs).  Maybe a lot of the songs sound similar.  I happen to really like songs that sound that way, though.  The point is this: from top to bottom, I enjoy listening to this Kingdom Heirs album more than any others.  When you take a great-sounding quartet and combine it with lots and lots of Dianne Wilkinson, it’s going to be hard to miss with me, and they didn’t.

Knock my socks off: Heaven Is My Goal, We Will Stand Our Ground, I’m Gonna Hit the Ground Running

Don’t skip that one: Where’s John, It’s Real, When Heaven’s Gates Swing Open Wide, Just Preach Jesus, I’m a Brand New Man, I’m Not Worried About Forever

I could honestly do without: If You Give the Devil an Inch


  1. This is a good review about We Will Stand Our Ground by The Kingdom Heirs. This is one of my favorite southern gospel albums for 2011 and it is due to all of the songs. The one song that stood out was ‘We Will Stand Our Ground’ and I consider it to be the album’s signature song. It is not only an anthem to all Christians out there, but it is a song that will be remembered time and time again.

    I do agree that The Kingdom Heirs hired Jerry Martin, one of the best tenors in southern gospel music. In fact, I remember Jerry Martin as a member of The Kingsmen back in the 1990s. He sung tenor for the group.

    I love this review and I also love this album.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Derrick, and thank you for your kind words!

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