Nov 21

Top 100: #38 This Time (Mark Trammell Trio)

Release Year: 2005

Album Rank for Group: #3 of 8

Here’s a blurb: The last recording by the original Mark Trammell Trio lineup contained the group’s strongest collection of songs up to that point.  Trammell is featured on the album’s best ballads and does his usual fine job, but the uptempo songs are the best.  This might be a head-scratcher to some ranked this high, but some of my earliest exposure to the Mark Trammell Trio came through this project, and it got me hooked.

Knock my socks off: Keeper of the Keys, With God as My Witness

Don’t skip that one: This Time, When Mercy Came Down, I Needed to Hear That Today, It’s the Blood, More Than You’ll Ever Know

I could honestly do without: That’s All That Matters

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