Nov 22

Top 100: #37 The Answer (Collingsworth Family)

Release Year: 2009

Album Rank for Group: #2 of 3

Here’s a blurb: Those Collingsworth kids were suddenly all grown up on The Answer, their most mature and polished album up to that point.  Previously, the family’s biggest songs were sung by their standard trio of Phil, Kim, and Brooklyn, but here they really begin branching out and letting the other configurations shine.  As usual for this group, the three big ballads are the defining performances of the recording.    But the midtempo and uptempo numbers show some improvement here as well.  The only problem is the length: there are 14 songs, and a couple of them could have been cut with no ill effects.

Knock my socks off: Fear Not Tomorrow, I Want Jesus More Than Anything, Jesus Is Still the Answer

Don’t skip that one: I Could Never Praise Him Enough, Oh the Thought That Jesus Loves Me, I Know

I could honestly do without: When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder, Great Is They Faithfulness (the instrumentals)

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