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Oct 04

Top 100: #66 The Son Came Down (Inspirations)

Release Year: 2009 Album Rank for Group: #3 of 6 Here’s a blurb: The Son Came Down was the first Inspirations album in over a decade without Matt Dibler at lead, and the first ever released without Archie Watkins at tenor.  But the young lead David Ragan shone, and tenor Dallas Rogers channeled Archie on …

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Sep 19

Top 100: #71 On Heaven’s Bright Shore (Inspirations)

Release Year: 1976 Album Rank for Group: #4 of 6 Here’s a blurb: The Inspirations continued to churn out hit after hit in the 1970s with their 1976 Canaan release.  The Bryson City quartet was still very much at the peak of their popularity at this point, bringing great convention-style gospel music to the masses, …

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Sep 02

Top 100: #77 How Great It Is (Inspirations)

Release Year: 2008 Album Rank for Group: #5 of 6 Here’s a blurb: The Inspirations’ last album with the legendary Archie Watkins at tenor and long-time lead Matt Dibler is memorable for those reasons.  But, at its release in 2008, I also think it was the strongest collection of songs the quartet had released in …

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Aug 10

Top 100: #91 When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More) (Inspirations)

Release Year: 1973 Album Rank for Group: #6 of 6 Here’s a blurb: Starting in the early 1970s, the Inspirations and Canaan Records formed one of gospel music’s most successful partnerships.  When I Wake Up is an outstanding early chapter in their history together.  The title track would become perhaps the most signature of the …

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Jun 15

Album Review: God Makes No Mistakes (Inspirations)

In 2008, after nine consecutive albums with the same vocal lineup, a period of transition began for the Inspirations. Most impactful on the sound, of course, was the exit of original tenor Archie Watkins. Three years later, three fourths of the vocal lineup has changed, with longtime bass Mike Holcomb being the only mainstay. Each …

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Apr 11

The future Inspirations?

Here’s a brief glimpse of what the Inspirations are like without Mike Holcombe at the anchor vocally and Martin Cook no longer at the ivorys. This kid singing bass is 17 years old….don’t remember his name, but he has been filling in for Mike as he has been under the weather. Luke Vaught is at …

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