Bass Vocalist, Mike Allen, joins the revived Prophets quartet

Mike Allen

In a press release from Mr. Paul Jackson, lead singer and PR for the Prophets, the official announcement came that Mike Allen is indeed the new bass vocalist for the prophets quartet.

Click Here to read the entire press release.

Legacy 5 has a new pianist!

Tim Parton?

The Singing News has broke the story that Tim Parton is filling the piano bench in the absence of the late Roger Bennett.? See the story here:

Tim has been in SG music for many years and is an excellent pianist.? While he could never fill Roger’s shoes on the emcee duties of the group, Tim’s piano skills are an excellent fit for Legacy 5.?

I can’t image how difficult it was to fill in for Roger during his illness, but hopefully the fans will accept seeing Tim in Roger’s spot behind the piano.? ? The group must continue on as they enter the post-Roger era.

Continue to pray for the entire L5 family as they are still coping with the loss of a legend…….

Follow-up on has? greatly impressed me.? Not only did the order I placed arrive quickly, the product was of the highest quality.? My order consisted of projects from 1985, 1986, 1988 & 1990.? To be honest, I was expecting the CDs to be CD-R quality at best, similar to those CDs I’ve discussed in the “Piracy” thread here:

To my surprise,? the order was of pretty good quality.? The print quality on the CDs and artwork isn’t the best, but it is much better than the artwork on some of the “re-releases” CD projects that I’ve purchased lately.?

Eddie Crook has done well to get these older projects onto CD and I appreciate the great service that he is offering by making these available to us.? I only hope that he will? make all of the old Harvest and Morning Star label projects available for purchase.

New source for Southern Gospel Music ::

Eddie Crook has released an awesome? new website along with a new online store.

I’ve already made a few purchases and hope that Eddie Crook will? make more “Retro” projects available for purchase, especially from the Morning Star record label.? Feel free to contact the company and make your requests known.? I’ve already made a couple of requests and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly to talk with.

Personally, I feel it is past time that record companies make the older projects available for purchase once again.? Now if we can only get the other older record labels (Riversong, Canaan, etc.) to follow suit…..

The Rowlands release new project :: Wall Of Prayer

The Rowlands :: Wall Of Prayer

Wall Of Prayer,? a new album by The Rowlands has just been released.? You can hear samples and order your copy here:

Song List:

  1. Wall Of Prayer (Kyla Rowland)
  2. He Looked Beyond The Cross (Kyla Rowland)
  3. The Only Thing He Ever Purchased (Kyla Rowland)
  4. Nobody Will Be Missing (Kyla Rowland)
  5. Comfort In The Cross (J. Brian Edwards)
  6. I Made It By Grace (Kyla Rowland)
  7. God Saves Old Sinners (Kyla Rowland)
  8. Just Wait (J. Brian Edwards)
  9. When He Says Arise (Kyla Rowland / Gerald Crabb)
  10. Because Of The Hill (J. Brian Edwards)
  11. Will Grace Be Enough (J. Brian Edwards)

The Rowlands consist of the following group members:

  • Ron Martin (Lead Vocals / Guitar)
  • Aquilla Martin (Utility Musician / Lead Vocals)
  • Wesley Green (Tenor Vocals / Bass Guitar)
  • Kenneth Stepp (Baritone Vocals / Piano)
  • Dustin Greene (Piano)

Ron Martin is one of my favorite vocalists in Southern Gospel music today.? He has a lot of power and an excellent range.? He ranks very high in my list of favorite singers.

His wife, Aquilla, takes the lead on a couple of songs.? She is also an accomplished musician and plays many instruments (Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin,….) for the Rowlands.? She’s has some voice problems in the past few years, but she still has a powerful voice.

Wesley Green, Kenneth Stepp & Dustin Greene make up the rest of the group.? You couldn’t ask for a nicer group of guys to be around.? All group members live what they sing (an attribute that I am growing more fond of as time goes by).? If you ever have the opportunity to be in concert with this group, by all means, do it!

The popular Kyla Rowland song, “Wall Of Prayer”, is the first track on the project.? Wesley Green is the featured vocalist.? First made popular by the McKameys, The Rowlands have put a new twist into this song.? The usual bridge of “Sweet Hour Of Prayer” was replaced by “Somewhere A Warrior” (also by Kyla Rowland).? What an excellent song to begin their new album with!

“He Looked Beyond The Cross” is next.? Ron Martin’s vocals on this Kyla Rowland song are excellent, as always.

Kenneth Stepp takes the lead on “The Only Thing He Ever Purchased”.? I love this song.? Another song by Kyla Rowland, this track talks of how Jesus never purchased any earthly items…….the only thing He ever purchased was ME!!! He paid the highest price possible…….He gave His life!

“Nobody Will Be Missing” is the most upbeat song on the project.? I tend to like the upbeat songs better than the slower ballads, although I think my tastes are evolving as I grow older.? Aquilla sings the lead vocals on this track.

I really enjoy this next song, “Comfort In The Cross”.? Ron Martin sings this ballad, penned by J. Brian Edwards, and it is an excellent invitational number that speaks of comfort for the lost when they kneel at the cross.? I especially like the bridge of “In The Cross” in this song.

“I Made It By Grace” is next.? The Redeemed first released this song and many groups have recorded it.? This song was also written by Kyla Rowland.?

Kyla also wrote the next song, “God Saves Old Sinners”.? ? I’ve loved this song since I first heard it.? Mike Upright had my favorite version of this song….that was until I heard Ron Martin singing it on this new project.? I love the words of this song and I really enjoy how The Rowlands deliver the song on this CD.

“Just Wait” is another ballad by J. Brian Edwards.? Ron Martin takes the lead on this song.

Kyla Rowland, along with Gerald Crabb, wrote the next song, “When He Says Arise”.? Kenneth leads the first verse, then Ron takes over the lead.? Yet another great song!

Two songs from J. Brian Edwards finishes the project, “Because Of The Hill” (Ron leads) & “Will Grace Be Enough” (Aquilla leads).? The lyrics on both of these songs are great.? I’ve never heard of J. Brian Edwards (no relation, btw), but if this is a preview of what is to come from him, then he will have a long career as a songwriter.

You’ve probably noticed that The Rowlands recorded several songs by Kyla Rowland.? Ron Martin is Kyla’s brother.? ? Ron & Kyla? used to travel together and sing? as The Rowlands.? Kyla came off of the road a few years back, but Ron kept The Rowlands on the road.

There are sound clips from this new CD at The Rowlands website here:

Again, if you ever have the opportunity to be in a service or concert with The Rowlands, I highly recommend that you do so.? Tell them I sent you……… – Piracy In Southern Gospel Music

Daniel Mount ( has posted a great article about piracy in Southern Gospel music with insights from the artists here:

Daniel makes many excellent points in his article and I highly recommend that you check it out. Below are my thoughts on the issue:

I’ve had the opportunity to be around many local groups that instead of selling their product, they give it away and tell people to feel free to burn and distribute copies as the see fit. This action can lead people to think that this practice is common for all artists and they don’t realize that they are actually committing a crime. They see these Christian artists freely sharing their music and think that full-time artists can do the same. You’ll have to understand that where I live, there are MANY local artists that only sing part-time and they are in financial positions where they do not depend on income from sales to keep the group on the road………never mind that most of the projects are low quality and probably cost at most $1000-1500 to get the completed recording in hand.

It is hard to get people to realize that copying a CD or sharing digital files isn’t really spreading the gospel. These people truly believe it is and they sometimes refuse to accept that it is an unethical practice, let alone illegal. They usually feel that they are doing some good deed by giving a copy of a recording to someone, but basically they are doing nothing more than telling people that they have no regard for the law and that Christians can break that law by stealing from SG artists so that someone doesn’t have to shell out fifteen bucks for a CD…….not a good witness, IMO.

I believe ignorance of the law is no excuse and that people that try to play the ignorance card are just as accountable for their actions as those who willfully break the law. I certainly have no problem correcting people that feel the need to “share” Christ through illegal file-sharing. I’ve had people contact me and argue that there is nothing wrong with this practice because some albums are out of print and not available for purchase any more. I can’t count the number of people that ask me for copies of some of my older projects. They even get irate when I refuse to take part in sharing my files. Some people can’t grasp the fact that the law is the law.

It seems that lately, there have been a number of older CD projects popping up for sale on eBay. I’ve won a few auctions myself, only to be disappointed by the fact that the artwork is an obvious reprint and the CD inside is nothing more than a CD-R that someone has burnt from the original. Along those same lines,? a local seller of SG music recently had a stockpile of older projects available for sale in their store. I questioned where they were purchased and the store owner, whom I’ve known for many years, gave me the name of the company that is distributing the CDs, which were obviously not the original releases. I was able to get the distributors contact information, so I called them up. They claim to have the rights to the original masters of the projects, so they were re-releasing them to the public. I also asked to be put in contact with someone from the company to further question them on these “re-releases” that they were producing. I wasn’t really surprised when no one would return my calls and I couldn’t get past a receptionist while making my inquisitions.

I can’t say for sure that this company is doing anything wrong, but it certainly makes me question them because no one would return my calls to discuss.

If you’re not certain on where I stand on this practice, here it is. Illegal file-sharing is WRONG! It takes away from the artist’s ministry, plus, it takes away from the participant’s witness and testimony for Christ. DON’T DO IT!

Again, please visit to read Daniel Mount’s article on Piracy in Southern Gospel music. Excellent topic, Daniel!!!

Basketball is life?

I’ve been? pondering today about a basketball tournament game that I played in last night.? It’s the final game of the tournament for our local recreation league and my team is taking on the powerhouse of the league that? was (and remained) undefeated on the season.?

Keep in mind that we have to pay to get to play in this league.? We are not drafted, nor recruited from schools.? We are older men, has-beens if you will,? that try to get some exercise while having a little fun.

These guys are getting angry and frustrated over the lack of officiating for the games, let alone some of my team acting like we are in the NCAA or NBA finals with the world championship on the line.? For a moment, I was at a loss when trying to understand why this game was so important.? There was going to be no rewards or repercussions from winning or losing, so what is missing in their lives to make them hunger for a victory.? Then I realize, that these games are the highlight of their evenings.? Some have no one to go home to, some are seeking some sort of fulfillment or purpose for their lives, and some are trying to relive days gone by.

I was quasi-amused while watching from the bench while taking a breather in the second half.? You could see the dejection in my teams faces and I’ll admit, it would have been nice to have won the championship, but it wasn’t so important to me that it affected my entire being.? I didn’t get angry or upset, but some of my teammates were so upset to the point that it kept them from playing their best.? Why would this game have so much impact on them?

I don’t have? a good answer, but I can’t help but feel that something meaningful is missing from their lives.? Most of my teammates profess being a Christian, but are they truly walking the path that they need to be on.? Could it be that they are constantly searching for what Christ has made readily available for all of us……..Peace, in knowing Him!?

…………..something to think about………….?