The Rowlands release new project :: Wall Of Prayer

The Rowlands :: Wall Of Prayer

Wall Of Prayer,? a new album by The Rowlands has just been released.? You can hear samples and order your copy here:

Song List:

  1. Wall Of Prayer (Kyla Rowland)
  2. He Looked Beyond The Cross (Kyla Rowland)
  3. The Only Thing He Ever Purchased (Kyla Rowland)
  4. Nobody Will Be Missing (Kyla Rowland)
  5. Comfort In The Cross (J. Brian Edwards)
  6. I Made It By Grace (Kyla Rowland)
  7. God Saves Old Sinners (Kyla Rowland)
  8. Just Wait (J. Brian Edwards)
  9. When He Says Arise (Kyla Rowland / Gerald Crabb)
  10. Because Of The Hill (J. Brian Edwards)
  11. Will Grace Be Enough (J. Brian Edwards)

The Rowlands consist of the following group members:

  • Ron Martin (Lead Vocals / Guitar)
  • Aquilla Martin (Utility Musician / Lead Vocals)
  • Wesley Green (Tenor Vocals / Bass Guitar)
  • Kenneth Stepp (Baritone Vocals / Piano)
  • Dustin Greene (Piano)

Ron Martin is one of my favorite vocalists in Southern Gospel music today.? He has a lot of power and an excellent range.? He ranks very high in my list of favorite singers.

His wife, Aquilla, takes the lead on a couple of songs.? She is also an accomplished musician and plays many instruments (Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin,….) for the Rowlands.? She’s has some voice problems in the past few years, but she still has a powerful voice.

Wesley Green, Kenneth Stepp & Dustin Greene make up the rest of the group.? You couldn’t ask for a nicer group of guys to be around.? All group members live what they sing (an attribute that I am growing more fond of as time goes by).? If you ever have the opportunity to be in concert with this group, by all means, do it!

The popular Kyla Rowland song, “Wall Of Prayer”, is the first track on the project.? Wesley Green is the featured vocalist.? First made popular by the McKameys, The Rowlands have put a new twist into this song.? The usual bridge of “Sweet Hour Of Prayer” was replaced by “Somewhere A Warrior” (also by Kyla Rowland).? What an excellent song to begin their new album with!

“He Looked Beyond The Cross” is next.? Ron Martin’s vocals on this Kyla Rowland song are excellent, as always.

Kenneth Stepp takes the lead on “The Only Thing He Ever Purchased”.? I love this song.? Another song by Kyla Rowland, this track talks of how Jesus never purchased any earthly items…….the only thing He ever purchased was ME!!! He paid the highest price possible…….He gave His life!

“Nobody Will Be Missing” is the most upbeat song on the project.? I tend to like the upbeat songs better than the slower ballads, although I think my tastes are evolving as I grow older.? Aquilla sings the lead vocals on this track.

I really enjoy this next song, “Comfort In The Cross”.? Ron Martin sings this ballad, penned by J. Brian Edwards, and it is an excellent invitational number that speaks of comfort for the lost when they kneel at the cross.? I especially like the bridge of “In The Cross” in this song.

“I Made It By Grace” is next.? The Redeemed first released this song and many groups have recorded it.? This song was also written by Kyla Rowland.?

Kyla also wrote the next song, “God Saves Old Sinners”.? ? I’ve loved this song since I first heard it.? Mike Upright had my favorite version of this song….that was until I heard Ron Martin singing it on this new project.? I love the words of this song and I really enjoy how The Rowlands deliver the song on this CD.

“Just Wait” is another ballad by J. Brian Edwards.? Ron Martin takes the lead on this song.

Kyla Rowland, along with Gerald Crabb, wrote the next song, “When He Says Arise”.? Kenneth leads the first verse, then Ron takes over the lead.? Yet another great song!

Two songs from J. Brian Edwards finishes the project, “Because Of The Hill” (Ron leads) & “Will Grace Be Enough” (Aquilla leads).? The lyrics on both of these songs are great.? I’ve never heard of J. Brian Edwards (no relation, btw), but if this is a preview of what is to come from him, then he will have a long career as a songwriter.

You’ve probably noticed that The Rowlands recorded several songs by Kyla Rowland.? Ron Martin is Kyla’s brother.? ? Ron & Kyla? used to travel together and sing? as The Rowlands.? Kyla came off of the road a few years back, but Ron kept The Rowlands on the road.

There are sound clips from this new CD at The Rowlands website here:

Again, if you ever have the opportunity to be in a service or concert with The Rowlands, I highly recommend that you do so.? Tell them I sent you………

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  1. The Rowlands know and live the message. And they are second to none musically. I was I introduced to Ron Martin many years ago. I have been blessed to sing and play with him on occasions. He is a dear friend and I am pleased to heartily recommend this group to you.

    Grace and Love,
    Dr. Tom Stanton
    Morristown, TN

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