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Best of the Best: The Booth Brothers

This “Best of the Best” series will not just cover my favorites from years past, but also my favorite recordings broken down by artist.  I won’t cover every single group represented in my music collection, because my collection isn’t extensive, and my knowledge not expansive, for every artist.  I thought I’d just go in alphabetical …

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Best of the Best: 2009

Traveling backwards in time, here’s a look at my favorite songs and albums released in the year 2009! First, my list of top songs, which is dominated at the top by three of my all-time favorite Rodney Griffin songs.  It just so happens that none of them were Greater Vision recordings. 1. “God Saw a Cross,” …

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Best of the Best: 2010

Several years ago, I went through an exercise on this site of ranking my one hundred favorite albums.  That was truly an enjoyable endeavor, but like in all facets of life, things change.  Since that time, my music collection has grown considerably, and my tastes have also changed in some ways.  I’m not going to …

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