Best of the Best: 2009

declarationTraveling backwards in time, here’s a look at my favorite songs and albums released in the year 2009!

First, my list of top songs, which is dominated at the top by three of my all-time favorite Rodney Griffin songs.  It just so happens that none of them were Greater Vision recordings.

1. “God Saw a Cross,” Kingsmen, Missing People (Rodney Griffin)

2. “He Locked the Gates,” Kingdom Heirs, When You Look at Me (Rodney Griffin)

3. “If You Knew Him,” Perrys, Almost Morning (Joseph Habedank/Rodney Griffin)

4. “Fear Not Tomorrow,” Collingsworth Family, The Answer (Carolyn Adkins)

5. “Prior to a Prayer,” Perrys, Almost Morning (Kyla Rowland)

6. “When You Look at Me,” Kingdom Heirs, When You Look at Me (Dianne Wilkinson)

7. “Did I Mention,” Perrys, Almost Morning (Kyla Rowland)

8. “Jesus Is Still the Answer,” Collingsworth Family, The Answer (Lanny Wolfe)

9. “The Shepherd’s Point of View,” McKameys, The Message (Sandy Blythe)

10. “I Want Jesus More Than Anything,” Collingsworth Family, The Answer (Don Marsh)

11. “The Empty Tomb Says It All,” Kingdom Heirs, When You Look at Me (Daryl Petersheim)

12. “Crown Him King,” Inspirations, The Son Came Down (Dianne Wilkinson)

13. “Oh the Thought That Jesus Loves Me,” Collingsworth Family, The Answer (Wayne Haun/Lyn Rowell)

14. “On the Gloryland Way,” Kingdom Heirs, When You Look at Me (Dianne Wilkinson)

15. “I Know,” Collingsworth Family, The Answer (Gerald Crabb)

16. “When They Found Nothing,” Legacy Five, Just Stand (Marty Funderburk/Bev Lowry)

17. “King Jesus Is Coming,” Whisnants, Life Worth Living (Dianne Wilkinson/Chris Binion)

18. “John Saw Me,” Mark Trammell Trio, Vintage Gospel (Gerald Sweatman)

19. “Thank God I’ve Made It,” Inspirations, The Son Came Down (Eugene Anderson)

20. “Almost Morning,” Perrys, Almost Morning (Joseph Habedank/Matthew Holt)


Of the 53 albums in my collection recorded in 2009, here are my top ten:

1. Almost Morning, Perrys

2. When You Look at Me, Kingdom Heirs

3. The Answer, Collingsworth Family

4. The Son Came Down, Inspirations

5. Vintage Gospel, Mark Trammell Trio

6. Missing People,  Kingsmen

7. Life Worth Living, Whisnants

8. I’d Rather Have Jesus,  Dixie Echoes

9. Just Stand, Legacy Five

10. Jubilee, Booth Brothers/Greater Vision/Legacy Five

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  1. I think the biggest song I would add to the list is L5’s “Faithful To The Cross.” I still would put that in the top ten greatest SG lyrics ever – maybe top 5. It’s the best song L5 has ever done.

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