Best of the Best: The Booth Brothers

declarationThis “Best of the Best” series will not just cover my favorites from years past, but also my favorite recordings broken down by artist.  I won’t cover every single group represented in my music collection, because my collection isn’t extensive, and my knowledge not expansive, for every artist.  I thought I’d just go in alphabetical order, so I’ll kick this part of the series off with one of gospel music’s most celebrated and awarded trios, the Booth Brothers.

The Booth Brothers have covered a lot of stylistic ground over more than two decades on the gospel music scene, but what has remained consistent is their smooth, seemingly effortless harmony, which is among the best of the genre.  Though they are perhaps better known for a quieter, soothing sound, my favorite Booth Brothers recording is their biggest departure from that.  Declaration is chock full of grand, epic arrangements and soaring harmony, powerful from beginning to end.  It presents deep, lyrical truth in a most stirring fashion, with a big assist from the maestro himself, Lari Goss.

Here is my list of my favorite Booth Brothers albums, with Declaration leading the pack.  Their most recent offering, Still, with a mix of big arrangements and more easy-going tunes, makes a strong showing as well.

1. Declaration (2010)

2. Still (2014)

3. Let It Be Known (2011)

4. A Tribute to the Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither (2012)

5. Pure Southern Gospel (2004)


And the songs:

1. “Then I Met the Master”, Declaration (2010)

2. “God Did It All”, Declaration (2010)

3. “Jesus Saves”, Still (2014)

4. “In Christ Alone Medley”, Declaration (2010)

5. “He Saw It All”, The Blind Man Saw It All (2005)

6. “Thank Him for the Miracle”, The Booth Brothers (2003)

7. “A Higher Throne”, Declaration (2010)

8. “I See Grace”, Declaration (2010)

9. “Touch of the Master’s Hand”, Still (2014)

10. “What About Now”, Let It Be Known (2011)


What are your favorite songs and recordings by these masters of harmony?


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  1. The song that I’d make the biggest case belongs on the list is their exquisite cover of the old Mosie Lister song “His Grace is Sufficient For Me.”

    1. Love it! My favorite from that Pure Southern Gospel project.

  2. This Stage of Grace is one of their best yet most underrated recordings. Even though this is a good list, This Stage of Grace is in my top 5 and how you can you make a top 10 list without “Still Feelin’ Fine”? Here’s a refresher on This Stage of Grace,

    1. If I had extended the list of songs to 15, and maybe I should have, “Still Feelin’ Fine” would have been on it. So too would “His Grace Is Sufficient,” I think.

    2. After thinking about it a little bit, I’m also comfortable saying “This Stage of Grace” would come in at #6 on my album list.

    • Tad Kirkland on August 18, 2015 at 11:42 am
    • Reply

    ’09 was always a favorite for me. Although it was primarily covers of classics and new versions of their own previous hits, it had a very pop SG sound that I love–much like what Gold City’s Pillars Of Faith did for that era. It was a current and creative sound without having to be CCM like The Blind Man album or all symphonic like Declaration, and more upbeat overall than many of their more recent projects and had great cover art. The songs are good/great, but I just love the overall production and mix of songs.
    As far as actual songs go, I love Testify, Welcome To The Family, Tradin’ A Cross, Master’s Table, Absolute Peace, God Did It All, What Salvation’s Done For Me, Since Jesus Came and Castles In The Sand are some of my favorite BB songs.

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