Top 100: #2 Signed Sealed Delivered (Gold City)

Release Year: 1999

Album Rank for Group: #1 of 15

Here’s a blurb: My all-time favorite Gold City album has it all: two powerhouse ballads, two or three exhilarating uptempo songs, and everything in between.  As far as my personal tastes go, it is perhaps the deepest recording in my collection.  No less than ten songs made it into the top two categories below.  Jay Parrack leads perhaps the most lyrically powerful song in Gold City’s discography, “Hide Me Behind the Cross”.  Mark Trammell reprises a 1980s Mike LeFevre feature, “Calvary’s Hill,” and knocks it out of the park.  This might be Jonathan Wilburn’s signature album, containing some of his best work on “He Said,” “When He Calls I’ll Fly Away,” and “When the Holy Ghost Shows Up”.  And Tim Riley is hammering some incredible low notes throughout the whole thing.  In summary, Signed Sealed Delivered is the representative album for this star-studded Gold City lineup.

Knock my socks off: Calvary’s Hill, Hide Me Behind the Cross, Signed Sealed Delivered, When the Holy Ghost Shows Up (We’ll Have Church)

Don’t skip that one: He Said, It’s Gonna Be a Good Day, When He Calls I’ll Fly Away, Mighty Army Band, My Savior’s Precious Feet, Everything You’ll Need

I could honestly do without: God Will Take Care of You

Wait, there’s more!: A full retro review


    • LeviSJ on April 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm
    • Reply

    This was the first Gold City CD I ever bought and my all-time favorite. I kept hoping it would pop up in your list and was super excited when it showed up today. This one is in my top 5 of all my SoGo CDs.

  1. A long time ago I wrote a column for Southern Gospel Blog where I argued that somebody should bring back “Hide Me Behind the Cross”:

    At the time I suggested that Signature Sound could give it a classy spin, but now that MTQ has Eric Phillips back, I would love to hear his take on it.

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