Poet Voices is back!!!

With the release of this video, Phil Cross has announced that Poet Voices is back in Southern Gospel Music.

It is so good to hear this song again.  It was one of the highlights on the groups’ 1997 project, Trust The Truth, and this new arrangement is fantastic.

I can’t wait to hear what this group has to offer.  The journey for Poet Voices began back around 1991 when the group burst onto the scene with their hit song, “Jesus Built A Bridge”, and for years the groups didn’t look back. Around 2002, the group disbanded for a couple of years, but reformed again briefly from 2004-2007.  I hope that the group is successful in their relaunch and that their music ministry is anointed and blessed.

Joining Phil Cross is Donny Henderson, who was previously with group back around the turn of the century and was a great baritone vocalist. Dan Callahan will round out the group at tenor and is a new comer to me. Perhaps some of you are familiar with him and if so, I look forward to hearing your stories.

BONUS – Here’s a complete concert from one of my favorite iterations of PV:

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