Top 100: #56 Goin’ Home (Gold City)

Release Year: 1989

Album Rank for Group: #13 of 15

Here’s a blurb: The Free/Parker/LeFevre/Riley lineup of Gold City was on top of southern gospel music by 1989, with a highly-polished, country-leaning sound.   Goin’ Home is a solid collection of songs, although not quite as good as either of the album preceding or following it.  The enduring hit is the Tim Riley signature, “Under Control.”

Knock my socks off: Under Control

Don’t skip that one: What a Glad Day, Only One Ship of Zion, Look Around, Gettin’ Ready to Leave This World, Love Went Deeper, Forgetfulness Sea

I could honestly do without: That’s What I Am

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    • Benji on September 27, 2012 at 5:25 am
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    They where on top, especially when the Midnight Cry written by Greg Day who travels and sings with Danny Funderburk wrote this song in the mid 1980’s, and recorded on Gold City’s Movin Up’ alblum available on CD, Cassette, and yes even LP was available at the time (8-Track ?), this recording Goin’ Home was also available on CD, Cassette, and yes the last LP release before LP’s was discontinued, the alblum release before this was “The Portrait” 1988 which was followed by “Movin Up” 1987, then “Goin’ Home” 1989, the “Windows of Home” 1990, and “Answer The Call” 1991, and “Pillars of Faith” 1992, by the time this alblum was voted Southern Gospel Music Alblum of the Year at the NQC from the readers of Singing News Fan Awards, Ivan Parker, Brian Free, Mike LeFevre, who left the group a year earlier who was replaced by Steve Lacey by the time they recorded the Pillars of Faith was long gone. Tim Riley did his best to put together another five star quartet and revive the name. By the time Pillars of Faith won that award for album of the year, Mark Trammell was singing baritone who had currently been with Gerald Woulfe and Greater Vision, and Ten Years with the Cathedrals before that., Steve Lacey stepped into lead, later replaced by David Hill, Steve went with the Kindom Heirs at Dollywood, and David left the Kingdom Heirs to go with Gold City, then David left and was replaced by Johnathon Wilburn of the Wilburn Family. Now today the Gold City Quartet has undergone more personal changes. In 2010 Ivan Parker, Brian Free, Mike LeFevre, Tim Riley, and I’m thinking it was Gary Jones at the Keyboards, got together for a Gold City Reunion, the lineup that first made them popular, if you missed the action you can watch the all the action on You Tube, also a Cathedrals Reunion, Singing Americans Reunion with Mike English, Rick Strickland, Duayne Burke, Ed Hill, a Nelons Reunion, a Hinsons Reunion, and other groups got together for a reunion, and The Dooright Family Reunion with Ray Stevens did not get to make it.

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