Sep 09

Top 100: #73 An Old Convention Song (Cathedrals)

Release Year: 1985

Album Rank for Group: #10 of 13

Here’s a blurb: “How long has it been since you heard an old convention song?” the 1984 Cathedrals hit (from Prestigious) asked.  This must have been their answer.  Packed full of 20 songs from the convention tradition, what a delightful answer it was.  This is my favorite Cathedrals lineup singing my favorite style of music.  The album also has one of my favorite covers.

Knock my socks off: My Soul Shall Live On, My Burdens Have Rolled Away

Don’t skip that one: Stormy Waters, When We Sing Around the Throne Eternal, Give the World a Smile, Headin’ for Gloryland, Do Right and Come Smiling Thru, I’m Telling the World About His Love

I could honestly do without: Turn Your Radio On, An Empty Mansion

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  1. Benji

    They sing them old “Stamps Baxter Song’s” good with class.And “Old Convention Song” written by “Tim Lovelace who traveled and played any kind of instrument with the “Florida Boy’s”, and played a heck of a piano with “The Kingsmen”. He sung with his wife too.

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