The Perrys – Blue Skies (with new baritone, Bryan Walker)

The Perrys are re-releasing their latest project with new vocals by Bryan Walker, who replaces Troy Peace at the baritone slot.  I really enjoyed Troy with The Perrys, but as is the case in the industry, change is inevitable.  Bryan Walker recently made national heads turn with his efforts on the hit show, American Idol.  He came very close to making the final cut, but unfortunately was cut on the final Hollywood round.  I am glad to see him singing SG music again and look forward to meeting him with The Perrys.

A kick drum and banjo introduce this new CD to us with the title track, Blue Skies, lead by Joseph Habedank.  The chorus is repeated after the second verse and modulated so that Libby can take over the lead vocals.  Libby does a great job on the vocals, but the mix sounds over-driven a bit on the last chorus almost to the point of distortion.  Not sure if this was to give it a stormy effect or not, but for me it made the song anti-climactic and it’s what kept the overall rating of this project from being a 5-star project.  (Note: this may be due to the fact that the CD I received is a pre-release and the mastering wasn’t completed….I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)

Great 4-part harmony are to expected from the Perrys and this new CD does not disappoint. With great mid-to-up tempo numbers such as “His Love Lights The Way”, “Nothing Was Burned” & “Sounds Good To Me” and ballads like “Grace Doesn’t Remember” & “Celebrate Me Home”, there enough of a mix of styles that everyone will find something to love about this CD.

I wasn’t given any songwriter information about this project, but I do know that Kyla Rowland wrote the song, “Rejoice, My Children, Rejoice” and The Perrys version is awesome.  My family has been singing this song as long as I can remember and it’s about time that a major group picked it up.  What a powerful song!  I can’t wait to hear this song in a live setting.  I do think it’s about time for the Perrys to cut another live project….hint, hint!

The Perrys continue their run of excellent productions with this latest effort and I believe  it will be considered one of the ‘must-own’ projects of the new year.  I think you will be very happy with Blue Skies as there is a great mix of styles and songs recorded on it. (Links are provided below that will offer the CD for purchase as soon as it is made available to the public)

Click below to hear a few soundclips from Blue Skies

Track List:

  1. Blue Skies Coming
  2. Grace Doesn’t Remember
  3. His Love Lights the Way
  4. Celebrate Me Home
  5. Nothing Was Burned
  6. Rejoice, Children, Rejoice
  7. Sounds Good to Me
  8. He Loves to Save
  9. Every Time I Need Him
  10. I Know What I’m Singing About
  11. The End of the Aisle

Final Rating: 4.5 stars

Produced by: Wayne Haun
Group Members: Libbi Perry Stuffle, Joseph Habedank, Bryan Walker, Tracy Stuffle
Available from: Daywind, The Perrys
Review copy provided

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