CD Review: The Inspirations – “The Son Came Down”

The Inspirations
The Son Came Down

My rating: 5 stars out of 5

Produced by: Martin Cook & Jeff Collins
Label: Horizon Records

This new release from The Inspirations unveils a new lineup which includes new lead singer, David Ragan, and new tenor, Dallas Rogers.? For those of you Inspirations fans with reservations about the new lineup, rest assured that the future of The Inspirations is in good hands.? The new group not only carries the tradition of the Inspirations’ past, they also bring a fresh sound to the group.

Since I’ve picked up this project, I seem to listen to it more than anything else right now.? With tracks like “Dealing With Gold”, “Crown Him King”, & the classic “Thank God I’ve Made It”, this project is at the top of my list of new releases in 2009.? Baritone Melton Campbell continues to be one of the smoothest baritones in Southern Gospel and Mike Holcombe is still the best bass singer on the road today.

The Son Came Down makes me very excited about future projects from the Inspirations.? I highly recommend this to any fan of gospel music.? I believe you will be quite surprised, even if you weren’t a fan of the group before.

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