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Oct 17

At the Peak

We southern gospel fans like to debate when our favorite groups were at their peak, had their best lineup, and were making their best music.  For example, I’ll tell it wherever I go that the Cathedrals were never better than when they were Glen, George, Mark, and Danny.  Others will argue just as strongly that …

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Jul 31

Free Inspirations Single Download

Crossroads is offering, for this week only, a free download of the Inspirations’ “So Simple, So Profound,” from their new album It’s in the Savior’s Hands.  As I noted in my review of the album, this is one of the strongest cuts, and also a unique song for the Inspirations.  Every southern gospel fan should take …

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Jun 21

A Mighty Fortress

As most of you are probably well aware, Greater Vision just re-released their epic Hymns of the Ages project with Chris Allman’s tenor vocals added.  If for some reason you never got this album the first time around, it’s an absolute must-have.  Even if you have the original version, I still think it’s worth the $10 …

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Mar 27

Neotraditional Southern Gospel

I know there are folks out there who tire of the constant need to attach a “genre” to everything, and they have a good point. Good music should be enjoyed without trying to place it in a box.  I have to admit I’m not one of those people.  If you knew me a little, you …

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Jul 12

Group of the…

A discussion elsewhere initiated this thought in my mind.  What are your top groups for each decade of southern gospel history?  Let’s take out any thought of who “merits” the distinction, and just let the criteria be who is/was your favorite.  For some, I’ll do a little ranking.  You don’t have to unless you want …

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Jun 24

A Minor Post

Life’s been busy lately, but I wanted to get something in this week to entertain you loyal readers. I was listening to some King’s Gold on the way to work this morning, and heard the King’s Gold 2 version of “The Judgement”. It got me to thinking about songs in a minor key. It’s not …

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Apr 27

At What Cost?

Anybody who knows me knows that I have some nerdy tendencies.  One of those tendencies is to create spreadsheets of everything and anything I want to keep track of, whether it be financial, sports-related, or music-related.  One of my “dearest” spreadsheets is my Music Wish List, which contains a list of southern gospel CDs, most …

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