Mar 19

The Playlist #9: Evangelism

Evangelism is a Bible-based word with a simple definition: the sharing of the Good News of the Gospel.  We’ve covered songs about salvation, heaven, and prayer, and those are all wonderful.  But while we wait for heaven, we also have a God-given duty to tell those we come in contact with how they can join us.  As is often the case, this post was “inspired” while I was listening to music on my iPod in my car on the way to work.  The classic Hinsons song “Till the Land” took its turn, and the sincerity and power of the lyric struck me.  I began to think of other gospel songs with similar calls to action, and decided to generate one of my playlists.

I found the endeavor of making an evangelism playlist surprisingly difficult.  Normally, I come up with 30-40 songs on a subject, and have to narrow it down to my favorites.  This time, I had to rack my brain just to get to the 22 songs listed below.  Tell me what you think: is there a dearth of southern gospel songs on this topic?  I wonder if you would consider that a problem for the genre?  Does it reflect on the attitude of many in the church today, who are happy to go to church and enjoy worship, but aren’t nearly as motivated to get to work to further the Kingdom of God?  Much is made of the empty seats at gospel concerts, and at churches, but how much have we done to see to it that those seats are filled?

Take a listen to some of these songs and let them speak to your heart.  Tell me what other songs you can think of about spreading the gospel.  And give any thoughts you may have about if and why there may be a need for more.

  1. Till the Land, Hinsons, Song Vineyard
  2. Just One More Soul, Greater Vision, Far Beyond This Place
  3. Go Right Out, Cathedrals, Old Convention Song
  4. Why We Came Here, Inspirations, God Makes No Mistakes
  5. Go And Tell Somebody, Kingsmen, Live in Dayton
  6. If Only Just a Few, Mark Trammell Trio, Always Have a Song
  7. Go Out and Get Them, Soul’d Out Quartet, What the World Doesn’t Know
  8. Tell and Sing the News, Legacy Five, Heritage, Vol. III
  9. Preach the Word, Gold City, Revival
  10. Tell Everyone You Know, Kingsmen, Mississippi Live
  11. Just Preach Jesus, Kingdom Heirs, We Will Stand Our Ground
  12. Ain’t That What It’s All About, Hinsons, We Promise You Gospel
  13. Tell Someone How Precious He Is, Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, Tell Someone
  14. The Time Is Now, Tribute Quartet, Our Anthem
  15. Send the Light, Legacy Five, Heritage Volume One
  16. Good Good News, Gaither Vocal Band, God Is Good
  17. I’m Gonna Keep Telling, Kingdom Heirs, Gonna Keep Telling
  18. Let Me Tell You About Jesus, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, There’s a Light Guiding Me
  19. I Love to Tell of His Love, Perrys, Almost Morning
  20. Go and Tell It, Kingsmen (Carolina Boys), Ready
  21. Testimony, Mark Trammell Quartet, Testimony
  22. Wake the Town, Rochesters, Brighter Day



  1. Brad

    A couple that came to my mind:

    “Reach the World” by the Bishops
    “Run and Tell” by the Bowlings/Perrys
    “Telling the World About His Love” by the Cathedrals

  2. lee65

    Go Tell The World -BFA
    Try Jesus -Hymn

    These are a couple that crossed my mind.

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