Southern Gospel Critique at National Quartet Convention

Going to the National Quartet Convention has been a long-term goal of mine ever since I first started listening to southern gospel music.  Going this year, however, was not even on my radar screen until about a week ago.  Spontaneity is not a quality I display very often, but my wife and I decided that if we keep waiting until we think we’re “ready” to go, we might never go.  So we’re loading up and heading to Louisville in September!

We will be making the 8-hour drive to Louisville in time for the Wednesday evening concert and staying through the Lari Goss tribute showcase on Saturday afternoon.  Ideally, we would have decided to do this a long time ago and gotten great seats.  We were able to get seats on the floor section for Wednesday night, but Thursday and Friday were a different story.   The closest seats we could get together were in the upper level, only a few rows from the top.  Since I have never gone, I have no frame of reference, but it encouraged me in a way to see all those seats booked up, at least for Thursday and Friday.

I plan to use my Twitter feed, @sogobravo, to post live updates throughout my stay at NQC.  Give me a follow if you haven’t already done so and want to share in the NQC experience with me.  I’ll also make good use of the blog here to tell of my adventures, and of course, the great music.

Finally, I want to open up the floor for you.  What’s something in particular you might like to hear about from a live NQC correspondent?  Will I see any of you there?  What about you other bloggers?  Let me know in the comments.

National Quartet Convention 2012, here I come!


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    • Aaron Swain on July 2, 2012 at 10:34 am
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    See you there! I’m planning on getting there in time for the Wednesday night concerts and staying at least through Friday.

    1. It will be a pleasure to meet you, Aaron!

        • Aaron Swain on July 2, 2012 at 11:48 pm
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        The pleasure will be mine!

        Glad you decided to finally make the trip. Even though NQC is criticized on some points by some bloggers (myself included), it is still worth the experience. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. I plan to be there Thurs through Sat, as usual.

    1. Great! Looks like I picked the right days!

  2. I’ll be there Thursday through Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you Brian (and hopefully Scot) and seeing Aaron again.

    Concerning seats in the upper sections, I don’t actually think the seats are that bad. I had nosebleed seats the first year I went to NQC. The sound is not that great no matter where you sit and the screens overhead provide a better view than some seats in the lower section. Plus, being in the nosebleeds makes the screens easier to see. You don’t need a stiff neck to go along with sore feet.

    1. I wonder if anyone will be there on Monday or Tuesday! LOL!

      I do like the fact that I have lower level seats and upper level seats on different nights. Get to experience and compare both.

    • Dean Adkins on July 3, 2012 at 1:23 am
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    I’ll be there all week – flag me down.

  3. I will be there Thursday through Saturday!

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