Feb 02

Top 100: #17 We Still Believe (Collingsworth Family)

Release Year: 2007

Album Rank for Group: #1 of 3

Here’s a blurb: The Collingsworth Family has never sounded better than they do right now, and their two most recent studio albums contain their greatest vocal work.  But overall, including song selection, We Still Believe is my favorite recording they’ve made so far.  From their previous album, God Is Faithful, they really turned up the notch from a production standpoint, and hit a couple of home runs with the power ballads.  It has been those power ballads that have elevated the family into the upper echelon of southern gospel music, and We Still Believe has some of the best.  While more recent albums may be superior in production quality and performance, I still enjoy listening to We Still Believe more than any others.

Knock my socks off: Blessed Be the Lamb, The Blood of Jesus, Not the Same

Don’t skip that one: I Can Trust Jesus, He Already Sees, More Than Just a Swear Word, God Can Do Anything

I could honestly do without: My Favorite Things

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