Top 100: #35 Mississippi Live (Kingsmen)

Release Year: 1987

Album Rank for Group: #2 of 2

Here’s a blurb: The first Kingsmen CD I ever got was the double CD of Stand Up at Opryland and Mississippi Live.  That lineup and sound stuck with me immediately, and those are still two of my favorite albums today.  Mississippi Live has a couple of tremendous songs, but doesn’t have the depth of great songs of its companion, which we will look at later in the countdown.  For someone like me who only became aware of the Kingsmen relatively recently, these live albums give a glimpse of what a live Kingsmen experience was like.  It was surely an experience like no other in southern gospel.  Arthur Rice is the “x-factor” that really puts the icing on the cake for this era of the group.  With him in the fold, they were able to take the songs into the rafters, all with that unmatched Kingsmen energy.

Knock my socks off: He’s Still Living, When We All Get to Heaven (instrumental), Tell Everyone You Know

Don’t skip that one: We Will Sing, Inside the Gate, When Mama Prayed (Heaven Paid Attention)

I could honestly do without: Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet, Stand Up (better versions on earlier albums)

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