Top 100: #70 Thank God (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)

Release Year: 2003

Album Rank for Group: #5 of 7

Here’s a blurb: This is the last gospel album recorded with Quicksilver’s best lineup intact.  At this point, their blend had become flawless, and the high-flying harmonies are on full display.  Several great convention-style barn-burners set the tone, and a couple of syrupy sweet slow songs provide balance.  This is your best album choice if you want to hear soaring, tight harmonies in a fast-paced, traditional bluegrass style.

Knock my socks off: Some Beautiful Day, Savior’s Love, I Drink From the Fountain

Don’t skip that one: Calling From Heaven, The Lord’s Last Supper, I’ll Be Going to Heaven Sometime, Thank God

I could honestly do without: Will the Angels Play Their Harps for Me, In God’s Eyes

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