CD Review: HisSong “Journey Through The Sky”

Journey Through The Sky

Label: Vine Records

  1. Jesus Is The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me)
  2. Journey Through The Sky
  3. When We Talk To The Father
  4. Can You Burn
  5. What A Difference A Day Makes
  6. I Believe In Prayer
  7. When God Moves A Stone
  8. Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane
  9. Just What I Needed
  10. They’re Getting Ready In Glory (To Crown The King)

HisSong keeps gaining ground in the Southern Gospel industry, as evidenced by having been invited to perform on the main stage at NQC for the first time this past September.? They have came into their own vocally with a sound that is highly distinguishable from other SG trios.? This latest effort from the group continues with a little more progressive styling than their previous projects, but honestly, the style fits the group.? While I’m not a big fan of progressive SG, I can’t help but enjoy listening to a group find the niche that they are good at.

Most songs on this project have a slow to mid-range tempo, which allows the guys to focus more on their vocals, which are outstanding.? However, the high number of these slow to mid-tracks makes the project seem to drag.? While I’m criticizing for a moment, let me mention that the group’s pronunciation of the word ‘thing’ on the opening track is way too over-the-top for me.? Hearing it pronounced Thaaaaannng over and over got quite annoying….in a hurry.

Don’t get the wrong impression from the criticism…this is a solid project.? The title track is outstanding!? Most lyrics are fresh and the singing is flat-out great.? It was nice to hear one of Ernie Haase’s old solo releases redone (What A Difference A Day Makes).? Although this is a cover version of the song, the harmonies from the guys give it a fresh sound.? “Can You Burn” poses a great question to the believer and has a catchy tune.? “They’re Getting Ready In Glory (To Crown The King)” is another standout song and a great way to close out the project.

Dennis Humphries (Lead), Adam Elrod (Tenor) & Adam Cannon (Baritone) have really meshed as vocalists and the group seems to be headed for great success in Southern Gospel.? This new release is evidence of their ‘journey’.

This project is currently available for pre-order on hard copy from, but is currently available for immediate download from

My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

**This project was given to the reviewer free of charge.
This had no influence on the review**

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