Jul 29

CD Review: Phillips Family – “This Same Jesus”

The Phillips Family
This Same Jesus

My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Produced by: Danny Crawford, Mylon Hayes, Gary Rushing
Label: Independent

This family group from Gaffney, SC made up of three brothers and a sister (Clint, Joel, Stephen & Tabitha) has caught my attention like no other group before.? At this time last year, I had just been introduced to The Phillips Family’s music and now I can testify that they are one of the top independent groups in gospel music today.? They continue to record quality, original, music which Stephen Phillips’ keeps writing.

David Johnson, Danny Crawford, Mylon Hayes & Chris Rushing contribute to the instrumentation and the quality of the tracks are simply superb.? All four group members alternate vocals on the songs and the harmonies of this family are top-notch.? There’s an old saying that you can’t beat family harmony and this project helps confirm that tale.

Track List (*** – tracks with stars have a video below):

  1. Riding On Grace
  2. But God
  3. I’ll Be Surprised ***
  4. This Same Jesus ***
  5. Born In The Fire
  6. Acquainted With Grace
  7. Pick Up My Towel ***
  8. God’s Breath
  9. The Tomb Is Still There
  10. Yes, He Can

Each track on this project is fresh and it’s hard for me to pick just one favorite.? Currently, my favorites from the new album are “This Same Jesus”, “But God”, “The Tomb Is Still There” & “I’ll Be Surprised”.? Here are some live clips of The Phillips Family singing songs from their new release.

“I’ll Be Surprised”

“Pick Up My Towel”

“This Same Jesus”

If you are around where this group is singing, be sure that you go and check them out.? While their recordings are great, they are even better in person.? They come out to minister and while they are doing that, you also get treated to their wonderful talent.? It doesn’t get any better than that.

This CD, as well as their older releases, can be purchased directly from The Phillips Family here.? I highly recommend any of them!

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  1. lynette addison

    please can you help me get the soundtrack for this same Jesus ? I love the message and would like to sing at my church . Thanks PLEASE let me know very soon. I also left a message on answer machine for order God Bless you and keep on singing for the Lord in Heaven we’ll sing together!!

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