Oct 26

CD REVIEW: Mike Allen – Way Down Deep

Way Down Deep

Let me start by saying I am typically not a fan of solo projects.? I usually find them rather boring because you have to listen to the same voice on every song.? There are a couple of artists, however, that I’ve enjoyed their solo efforts. These include Mike Bowling, Kirk Talley, Rick Strickland and now I can add Mike Allen to that list (Come to think of it, these artists would make an interesting quartet with Rick singing tenor, Kirk singing lead, Mike Bowling on Baritone and Mike Allen on Bass).?

This project by Mike Allen is great.? According to iTunes, I’ve listened to the CD completely through 17 times in the past month, and that is not counting my iPod playcount.? Needless to say, I really have enjoyed this project.? Mike is one of the few bass singers in Southern Gospel music that enunciates clearly even while hitting his lowest notes.? You won’t hear any growling coming from this bass singer.? You will hear the? low notes that Mike can sing,? and you can still understand the lyrics.

  1. God Is With Us, Our Emmanuel (*****) – What a great upbeat song to? begin the project with!?
  2. Roll Away Troubled River (***) – Have never liked the song, but it fits Mike’s voice.? Not too many songs to choose from for a bass singers solo endeavor.
  3. Way Down Deep (*****) – I remember first hearing this song on the radio and I was completely blown away.? I happen to know that this song was specifically written for Mike Allen and it fits his voice completely.? I can’t get enough of this track.? It’s slower paced, but I still enjoy this song.
  4. So I Love Him Dearly (*****) -? Another great song.? More upbeat than the previous track.?
  5. Hold Me (***) – One of the few songs on the album that I tend to skip over.? Great vocals from Mike but to me it’s? a boring song.
  6. He Pilots My Ship (****)– Borrowed from a Gaither session, this track has Dean Hopper singing the first verse and Mike singing the second.? I really enjoy this song.
  7. What I Have (**) – The low rating has nothing to do with Mike’s singing.? I’ve never liked this song originally recorded by The Bishops and I don’t think I ever will.? Too many words to try to keep up with.
  8. Surely Goodness And Mercy (*****) – What a great performance on this song.?
  9. I’ll Sail Away Home (****) – Fun song to listen to.
  10. The Love Of The Lord (****) – It’s remarkable how much? Mike reminds me of George Younce? on this song.? ?
  11. Child Of The King (****) – Classic song sang quite well.? Mike sings in a little higher register on this song and showcases his range.? I think this was borrowed from Gaither too.
  12. I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief (**) -? Good vocals but I don’t like to hear this song more than once or twice.? ? It bores me.

Mike Allen is currently the bass singer for The Prophets Quartet. I was thrilled to get to meet Mike Allen at NQC this year.? What a great guy to talk to.?

Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming, new release by? The Prophets? Quartet. Thank you Paul Jackson for introducing me to Mike and for hooking me up with this awesome CD.? It has become one of the? favorites in my collection.

CD RATING: 3.83 Stars out of 5

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