Unexpected blessings….

As I sat in my office last week worrying about my job and the current job market, I received a package in the mail. I was expecting a CD that I had ordered from eBay, but to my surprise, my online friend, Bro. Leonard Fletcher, had sent me a CD for my collection. He didn’t send it for review, so I will honor that request, but I wanted to let you know what a blessing this CD was to me.

Bro. Fletcher wrote the Inspirations hit song, “I’m Not Ashamed”, as well as eight of the ten songs on the CD that he sent to me (songs in bold by Brother Leonard Fletcher):

  1. Somewhere The Birds Are Singing
  2. The Old Fashioned Way
  3. He Sends What I Need
  4. Another One Got In
  5. My Familiar Valley
  6. God’s Old Chariot
  7. He Can’t Stand The Sight Of Blood
  8. Lord You’re The Best Thing
  9. I Can’t Go To Hell
  10. Your Goodness To Me

The Fletcher Family doesn’t have a website, but they will be appearing in Burnsville, NC at 6 PM on July 15 at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Contact me if you are going to be in the area and I’ll give you directions.

Bro. Leonard, you’ll never know what this CD meant to me. During one of my lowest points, you’re songs uplifted me. I’m glad that “He Sends What I Need” and “Your Goodness To Me” will not be soon forgotten. I hope this post doesn’t embarrass you in anyway, but I wanted you and all my readers to know about the unexpected blessing that you were to me last week. I’m planning on being in the service with you at Bro. Shelton’s church on July 15. I can’t wait to meet you in person!


    • Tammy Haynes on October 18, 2012 at 11:41 am
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    Hello Fletcher Family

    I am a born again christian I go to Bear Trail Baptist Church in Cana Va. I have had the opportunity to her Bro. Leonard preach several times. I Love to here you all sing it is such a Blessing to me and my Family.
    I heard you sing at the Blue Ridge Camp Meeting and your daughter sung a song that had the names of Jesus in it. I have been trying the think of the name of that song and I cannot find it. I use to sing it with another group and I can not remember the name of it. I would really appreciate if you would help me on this. In the mean time I will still be looking for it.

  1. Ms. Tammy….you can contact the Fletcher Family on their church website here:


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