Kingdom Heirs :: True To The Call review

True To The Call

True To The Call is the first original CD release from the Kingdom Heirs since Give Me The Mountain from 2005.? It has certainly been worth the wait.?

Track? Listing:?

  1. Since Jesus Moved In (Dianne Wilkinson)
  2. The Rock’s Between The Hard Place And You (Dianne Wilkinson)
  3. True To The Call (Dianne Wilkinson)
  4. I Am The Way (Ann Downing / Toni Clay)
  5. I Want You To Know (Dianne Wilkinson / Chris Binion)
  6. Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me (Dianne Wilkinson)
  7. Looking Out For You (Gerald Crabb)
  8. Praying Your Troubles Away (Dianne Wilkinson / Jerry Kelso)
  9. Lord, Your Word Is Still True (Dianne Wilkinson)
  10. What We Needed (Dianne Wilkinson)
  11. I Sing Because (Squire Parsons)?

The project begins with Arthur Rice leading a mellow quartet selection, “Since Jesus Moved In”.? I couldn’t help but tap along to the beat of this one.? This song was an excellent way to begin the album.?

Arthur Rice is also the primary vocalist on the next track, “The Rock’s Between The Hard Place And You”.? This upbeat song will get your feet moving.? I imagine that this will be a song that is released to radio…..and it should do well on the charts.?

The ballad, “True To The Call”, gives Steve French the opportunity to display why he is one of the better baritone singers in Southern Gospel music.?

Jeff Chapman takes the lead vocals on “I Am The Way”.? Although he doesn’t really showcase his range on this song, his vocals are still strong.

“I Want You To Know” is an awesome quartet song and one of my favorites from the CD.? This is a song that will see a lot of play on my computer and iPod.? If you like great quartet singing, then you will love this song.

Probably the most unique song on the project is “Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me”……and that isn’t a bad thing.? I enjoy songs that are atypical and different from your typical traditional quartet sound.? Arthur Rice takes the lead vocal on this song.?

Billy Hodges sings the next song, “Looking Out For You”.? The vocal on the song are strong, but it’s not a track that holds my attention well.? It’s the only song on the CD that I find myself skipping to get to the next song.?

“Praying Your Troubles Away” has the most unique intro of any other song on the album.? The first time I heard it, I couldn’t help but think of the musical intro to that old ‘50s song, “Mr. Sandman”.? The first verse is kind of slow and methodic.? Then the chorus takes off and the song is amazing.? This is one of the best songs on the project.?

To me, the most powerful song on the project is “Lord, Your Word Is Still True”.? Billy Hodges is excellent on it.?

My favorite song on this CD turned out to be “What We Needed”.? I love the arrangement on this song.? It begins with the trio of Billy, Arthur, & Steve on the first half of Verse 1.? Then Jeff takes a short solo and they finish the verse as a quartet.? Then the chorus takes off with Arthur leading.? The second verse also has a great arrangement with the guys alternating melody and harmony.? I love this song!?

“I Sing Because” was the song I anticipated most on the album.? This classic song by Squire Parsons has been around in my area of NC ever since I can remember.? I was very excited when I saw this on the track list of True To The Call around a month ago when they Kingdom Heirs first started advertising their upcoming CD.? Arthur Rice is, as always, amazing and I wasn’t disappointed.? I can’t wait to hear this song live at one of their concerts.?

You can order this CD directly from the Kingdom Heirs’ website,, or you can wait until it is released for retail sale on April 17, 2007.? It is planned to be release on iTunes on this same date.

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